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Tony Harris Lord

1975-1978; 1981-1983

History By Lori L.

Tony, Viki and Victor

Tony Harris came to town and was revealed to be Victor Lord's long lost son. Tony and Victor shared an emotional reunion. Victor's wife, Dorian, became incredibly jealous and schemed to make the two men enemies. Tony and Victor's battle escalated when Tony announced he was building a "swinging singles" bar on the road that led to Llanfair. Dorian did her best to come between father and son and eventually convinced Victor to change his will, making her the primary beneficiary.

Tony and Victor

Peter Jansen

Tony Lord with Pat and Paul Kendall

Tony began dating Cathy Craig, but couldn't deny his feelings for former flame and true love, Pat Ashley Kendall. Pat revealed to Viki that Tony was the father of her son, Brian Kendall. Viki encouraged her friend to fight for Tony, but at the same time, Tony was marrying Cathy.

Tony and Viki

Tony and Joe Riley

Tony and Pat

Discovering Dorian's hand in causing the rift in their relationship, Tony told his father everything. Later, Victor confronted Dorian and the ensuing fight ended with Victor suffering a stroke from which he never recovered. Victor died under mysterious circumstances before being able to tell Viki the depths of Dorian's treachery.

Tony received nothing from his father's will and focused his attention on his marriage to Cathy, who was battling mental illness. Following the kidnapping of his nephew Kevin, Tony realized he could no longer be with his wife and once again turned to Pat. Pat persuaded Tony to do the honorable thing and stay with Cathy, who was doing well in therapy. Eventually, a healthy Cathy gave Tony his freedom to be with Pat.

Tony and Cathy Craig

Pat decided it was time to tell a teenaged Brian that Tony was his father. Stung by the news, Brian ran out of the house and into the path of an oncoming car. Brian was hit by the car and died instantly. The death of their son caused an irreparable rift between Tony and Pat, and Tony ended up leaving Llanview.


Tony returned to town and became fast friends with Bo Buchanan. Eventually, he reunited with Pat and they were married. Both went to work at television station WVLE, and Pat was distraught when her husband was killed on assignment in war torn Lebanon.

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