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Kevin Lord Riley (Buchanan)


Written By: Nanci L.

Ever the precocious child, Kevin came into the world in a premature birth. His parents, Viki & Joe Riley, were thrilled to learn Kevin did not suffer from the hereditary heart defect that plagued Megan, Joe's daughter with Cathy Craig. The first few weeks of Kevin's life were blissful for the Rileys. But that happiness did not last as Cathy, who had been slowly losing touch with reality, kidnapped baby Kevin. After many months of anguish, the Rileys had begun to lose hope when Cathy was found. Unfortunately, she had no memory of taking Kevin. Joe was sure his son was lost forever, but Viki refused to give up hope. Joe began drinking heavily and his marriage to Viki was in jeopardy. Eventually, Viki was reunited with her baby and soon she and Joe repaired the damage done to their relationship.


When Kevin was still a toddler, his father died of a massive brain tumor. A few years later, his mother remarried. Kevin and his younger brother Joey, were adopted by their stepfather, Clint Buchanan.


A teenaged Kevin got his first taste of young love when he met crime boss Carlo Hesser's neice, Stephanie Hobart. Hesser's hatred for Kevin's family made having a relationship difficult and Stephanie left town. Kevin soon found himself in the arms of his friend, Lee Ann Demerest. Friendship gave way to passion and Kevin lost his virginity to the older woman. Lee Ann however, still had feelings for old flame, Max Holden. Kevin proposed to Lee Ann several times to keep her from Max, but each time, she refused. Later, when Lee Ann became pregnant, not knowing if Kevin or Max was the baby's father, she accepted Kevin's offer to "do the right thing" and the two eloped. The new Mrs. Buchanan was growing more and more attracted to the new rebel in town, Jason Webb. Lee Ann gave birth to Kevin's son, Demerest "Duke" Buchanan, but couldn't deny her feelings for Jason. When Kevin found them together, he filed for divorce and won custody of Duke. Desperate to keep her son, Lee Ann fled town with Jason and the baby. Kevin turned to his friend Rachel Gannon, and by the time Duke was returned, his relationship with Rachel had taken a turn for the serious.


Kevin allowed Lee Ann partial custody of Duke. She moved home to Texas with the toddler in tow. Kevin continued to focus on his relationship with Rachel and his studies at Llanview University. He joined the Kappa Alpha Delta fraternity and moved into their house on campus. During the frat's "Spring Fling" party, Kevin noticed Marty Saybrooke drinking out of control. When she refused to let him drive her home, he took her to his room and left her to sleep it off. While in the room, Marty was brutally gang raped by frat brothers Todd Manning, Zach Rosen and a reluctant Powell Lord, Viki's cousin. Marty was unable to fully remember the events of that night and accused Kevin along with the three for her rape. Eventually, with the help of Nora Gannon, Kevin was exonerated and the guilty three were jailed. Kevin and Rachel realized the wanted different things from life and broke up.

When Viki was at her lowest point of suffering from DID, it was Kevin who first realized the depth of his mother's illness. Ever since he was a baby and she promised never to let go of him again, Kevin and his mother have shared a serious bond. Kevin, along with Clint, and his siblings, helped Viki fight and win her battle with DID.


Carlo Hesser sought revenge on Viki for her role in the death of his son, Johnny Dee. A son for a son was his plan as he forced Dr. Elliot Durbin to program Viki to kill Kevin. Viki's loving bond with her son proved stronger than the implanted suggestion and she could not bring herself to kill her son.

Kevin joined the Banner staff as an investigative reporter. He began a playful, flirtatious and competitive relationship with fellow reporter Cassie Callison Carpenter. Kevin fell hard for his coworker and pursued her relentlessly. While in Rio, investigating Carlo Hesser's "death," Cassie, who was attracted to Kevin, swore to never be unfaithful to husband Andrew. Kevin seemed to accept this and upon returning to Llanview, Cassie was jealous when he began an affair with Tea Delgado. Andrew forced Cassie to choose between himself and Kevin and she ran into Kevin's arms. Andrew divorced Cassie and took custody of their son, River. Kevin and Cassie were married. After a brief time of happiness, Cassie broke with reality after learning of Kevin's one night stand with Barbara Graham. Cassie's mother, Dorian, had Cassie hospitalized in Switzerland and her marriage to Kevin annulled.


Still "grieving" for Cassie, Kevin threw himself into his work. After the death of Mel Hayes, Kevin began working on Mel's last story with an informant known only as "Hamlet." Little did he know that "Hamlet" was actually Ben Davidson, the man with whom his mother was falling in love. Kevin and Ben got to know and trust each other while working together to rescue Viki from Hugo Monroe, a mob kingpin who was out to get Ben. Kevin found love again with Ben's sister, Grace, but once again happiness was short lived as Grace's life was cut short when she got in the middle of Kevin's grandfather Asa's vendetta against her brothers.

After Grace's death Kevin sought solace in alcohol for a short period. Kelly Cramer, Grace's best friend was also devastated at loosing Grace and the two found themselves growing closer as they tried to console each other. Gradually Kevin and Kelly found themselves strongly attracted to his brother Joey's fiance. Kevin confided in his mother who suggested that they be honest with each other. However both he and Kelly continued to deny their feelings. Eventually, Kevin pushed Kelly away in a very hurtful manner.

When Viki was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was Kevin she confided in, as she and Ben had become estranged. Kevin helped his mother fight and win her battle with cancer and find her way back into Ben's arms. On the very day he finally planned to heed his mother advice regarding his feelings for Kelly and tell her the truth, Joey and Kelly arrived in her hospital room to announce that they had eloped. Eventually Kelly confessed her feelings for Kevin to her husband. This revelation has caused a major rift between the two brothers who had always been each other's best friend.

Throughout his life, Kevin's relationship with his mother has been his one constant. They've always been close and held a tight bond of love, which has also become a bond of friendship.

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