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Clint Buchanan

By: Tina

Knowing that he was dying from an inoperable brain tumor, Joe Riley brought Clint Buchanan, an editor from a newspaper in Arizona to take his place at the Banner. Upon Joe's death, Viki poured herself into her work at the Banner and by fending off the takeover attempts of her arch rival, Dorian Lord.

The relationship between Viki and Clint was tumulus at best. During their long hours of working together at the Banner, Clint took more then a passing interest in Viki. It was during this time that Ted Clayton came to town and decided to control Viki's emotions and her fortune. When Ted learned that Clint was about to propose marriage to Viki, he masterminded a plan to kidnap Tina and demand ransom for her safe return. After the crisis had passed, Ted proposed to Viki. She wanted time to consider his offer.

Viki and Ted Clayton

Things began to heat up between Viki and Clint when they attended a publishers conference in New York City. After sharing long walks and candlelight dinners, Viki realized that she was in love with Clint and resolved to break things off with Ted Clayton as soon as she returned home.

The New York Trip

Ted was not pleased to find out that Viki was in love with Clint and stepped up his plans to control her. He gave her mind-altering drugs that caused her to doubt her relationship with Clint. Once Clint figured out what was happening to Viki, he took her up to her mountain cabin where Ted Clayton poisoned him. Clint was given an antidote by the doctors at Llanview Hospital and Ted Clayton was arrested.

Things still didn't flow smoothly between Viki and Clint and he resigned from the Banner and went to work at the rival newspaper the Chronicle and thus the newspaper wars began.

Viki went before the grand jury and refused to name her source and was sent to jail. The pair became close again as Clint worked hours upon hours to get her released from jail. Clint proposed to Viki while she was still in jail and she finally said yes and the two were married at Llanfair.

Viki & Clint's 1st Wedding-1982

Bo, clint, Viki, & Asa

The Countess Echo DiSavoy, a world famous photographer breezed through town set on destroying Clint. Even though Clint was in love with Viki, he was drawn to Echo and eventually the two made love.

Echo wanted revenge on Clint because she held him responsible for her mother's death. Echo faked her own death by luring Clint out to a bridge and the two got into a bitter argument and Echo jumped off the bridge. Dorian witnessed the entire ordeal and declared that Clint had pushed Echo off the bridge. Viki and Marco Dane tracked down the very much alive Echo. She confessed her deception under oath and Clint was cleared off all murder charges. Echo and her brother Giles left town and Viki and Clint tried to save their battered marriage.

Viki and Clint able to repair the damage to their marriage and were happy until Niki Smith came along. Viki was suspicious when Tina Clayton returned to town. Tina had uncovered documents that showed that she was Viki's half sister by Viki's father and her best friend Irene Manning. Viki could not handle this and reverted back into her alter ego Nicole Smith, who wanted nothing to do with Clint. Niki pretending to be Viki filed for divorce from Clint. He eventually became aware that his wife was not really Viki but indeed Niki. Clint desperately tried to persuade Niki Smith to let Viki come back. When he realized that she was at the Waterside Inn, he knew that the time was now or never to bring Viki back. Knowing that Viki had briefly reemerged when Niki found him in bed with Tina, Clint decided to duplicate the plan. Hoping that the shock of seeing him with Tina would bring Viki back out. The plan worked and Viki reemerged and Clint and Viki were reunited.

Clint asked Viki to marry him again and she happily agreed. Just before they became husband and wife for the second time, she informed him that she was pregnant. Clint was ecstatic and the happy couple were married at Asa's mansion.

"Viki and Clint's Second Marriage-1986"
"This is at our second wedding, when I told him I was pregnant with Jessica," remembers Slezak. "Look at how young we were!"

Viki and Clint shared the birth of their daughter Jessica, but disaster soon struck the couple. Jessica was kidnapped right from the crib. Viki was devastated to find that another one of her children had been kidnapped. Before his death Mitch Lawrence had planted a posthypnotic suggestion in the brain of one of his faithful followers Allison Perkins. From the grave he instructed Allison to kidnap baby Jessica and make it look like Niki Smith had done the deed. Maria found out that Allison was the culprit behind the kidnapping and manipulated the situation so that Clint would believe that Niki Smith had returned and she had kidnapped Jessica. By the time that Allison returned Jessica to her parents, Viki and Clint's marriage was in trouble. Viki was angry that Clint believed that Niki would abduct her baby and this caused a rift between them and they broke up. Thus ending their second marriage.

Viki and Clint's marriage continued to crumble and another blow was dealt when Viki witnessed a fight between Clint and Tom Dennison, the identical twin of her late husband, Joe Riley. When she awoke, Viki discovered that she had no memory of the previous eight years. She had wiped out her entire history with Clint. She thought that Tom was her late husband Joe.

Viki and Clint were heading for a divorce and the judge refused to grant the divorce as long as Viki had no memory of her relationship with Clint. At the urging of Tom, she had some tests ran. The tests revealed that Viki had a brain aneurysm which required immediate surgery. During the surgery Viki 'died' and went on a journey to heaven with the guide of her guardian angel, Virgil. She met up with her dearly departed family and friends, including Joe Riley. Joe urged her to return to earth and reunite with Clint. After facing her demons, Viki recovered and returned to reunite with her estranged husband.

Viki and her half sister Tina were kidnapped by Jamie Sanders and Clint was shot in the head while trying to rescue them. He was left blind and bitter. Viki had a hard time getting him to come to terms with his blindness and eventually the family moved out their ranch in Arizona where Viki hoped that Clint would be happier. One day while out riding Oakie, who had been tampered with by Maria's brother, and thus turning the normally docile horse violent. Oakie threw Clint, who hit his head on a rock and was knocked unconscious.

When Clint woke up he discovered that his vision had returned but that he was trapped 100 years in the past. He stumbled into Buchanan City. Clint met up with his ancestors and met Viki's great grandmother, Ginny Fletcher. Clint tried desperately to return to the present and to Viki, but nothing worked. Resigned to the fact that he was stuck in the past, he began to have feelings for Ginny.

Viki was devastated when Clint 'died' and refused to believe that he was really gone. With the help of a clairvoyant Indian, Clear Eyes, Viki was hurled into the past where she walked into Clint marrying Ginny. Viki and Clint were happily reunited, but were trapped in the past until they could reunite Viki's great grandparents. Ginny Fletcher and Randolph Lord were finally reunited and that left Viki and Clint free to return to the present.

After renewing her vows with Clint, Viki looked forward to her high school's 25th reunion. Her good friend Larry Wolek encouraged her to not attend the reunion, but Viki did so anyway. She found out, much to her surprise, that she had left school while a senior and had a baby. Viki had no idea what had happened because she had no memory of this time. Her father had arranged for a hypnotist to erase her memory and implement false memories.

Viki and Clint's marriage began to crumble as she began her search for her long lost daughter. During this time Roger Gordon came to town and caused even more problems between Viki and Clint. Viki eventually uncovered that the baby's father was Roger Gordon and that her daughter was Megan Gordon. Viki and Roger were trapped in the underground city of Eterna where the old feelings between them resurfaced. After being rescued, Viki and Megan began to mend their fences and grew to respect and eventually love each other.

Viki ran and won the position as mayor of Llanview. Viki and Clint began to repair their broken relationship and faced immediate danger from Carlo Hessor, whom she had plastered all over the Banner as the local drug boss. During a fundraiser, Viki was shot by corrupt Police Commissioner Harding. After recovering from the gunshot wound, she suffered a stroke that left her speechless and paralyzed. With her usual grace and dignity and with some help from her family and Clint, Viki fought and eventually recovered from the stroke.

Viki was devasted when Megan became critically ill from her lupus and slowly began to lose the battle to live. Viki fought very hard to keep Megan alive by telling her stories about how she met Clint and other stories from her past. Unfortunately Megan died in the arms of her husband, Jake.

Viki was inconsolable as she dealt with her daughters death and began to distance herself from Clint. The couple continued to drift farther and farther apart. Despite several attempts to reconcile, the damage to their relationship was unrepairable and the two divorced for the final time.

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