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Roger Gordon

By: Nanci L.

Viki Buchanan made plans to attend her high school's 25 year reunion. Her good friend and ex-brother-in-law Larry Wolek strangely made every effort to discourage her from attending. Stranger yet to Viki was that when she did attend, she found that none of her friends remembered her being at graduation, but instead that she had mysteriously left school during the middle of her senior year. Viki then began to have flashbacks of herself as a young woman holding a baby girl, and being in love and kissing a young man. These visions troubled her greatly and Viki became convinced that they were real memories. She set out to find her missing daughter.

A con man, Leo Cromwell, learning of Viki's search contacted her and told her that his own daughter Christine was Viki's lost daughter. He told her that they had had a brief affair while she was using the alter ego of Niki Smith. Viki eager to find this missing daughter believed his story and accepted his story, that his daughter as her own. For weeks Viki believed that Christine was her daughter, never realizing that it was a scam for Leo to get some of the Lord fortune for himself. The young Christine herself also believed she was Viki's daughter as she believed what her father Leo had said.

It wasn't until Sarah and Megan Gordon's father Roger Gordon came to Llanview that Viki realized that it was not Leo but Roger that she had seen in the flashback memories of the young man. He was so familiar to her that it set off a series of memories that convinced her that she was right about Roger being the father of her daughter. It also became clear that one of Roger's beautiful daughters was indeed her daughter too. But which one? Sarah the girl that she loved almost as much as a daughter already, or the feisty Megan who she had been at odds with from the day they first met?

Not understanding how her father played a part in this discovery of her daughter, Viki began looking into Victor Lord's past records, and stumbled upon documents of the existence of an underground city called Eterna. The architect hired by Victor Lord to create this city was Danton Gordon, Roger's father.

Later after becoming trapped in this underground city (see Eterna) with eight other people from Llanview, Roger told Viki the entire truth about their daughter at long last. Roger had been raised in Eterna and had escaped. When he met the young Viki Lord they had fallen in love and she soon became pregnant.

This outraged Victor Lord, so he had Viki hypnotized into becoming Niki Smith, and he had rushed Viki out of Llanview to have her baby. While Viki was giving birth, her Viki personality resurfaced briefly. Victor quickly had her hypnotized again, and pulled out the personality of Niki Smith in an effort to make her forget Roger, her pregnancy, and her daughter. A very young medical student, Larry Wolek delivered Viki's daughter, and because of the hypnosis, Viki had no memory of Roger Gordon or giving birth to her daughter. Victor had then given the baby girl to Roger who had raised her with his new wife. Viki was shocked to learn that this girl was Roger's daughter Megan, who Viki felt was just short of sworn enemies with her.

1988: In another daring plotline Viki relived her high school years.Viki learned many things about herself there,including that she had a daughter, Megan.

While trapped in Eterna, Roger and Viki's early feelings for each other resurfaced causing Viki to have an uneasy reunion when Clint led the authorities to help rescue those still trapped in the underground city. It was not easy for Viki and Megan to find common ground on which to build a relationship, but with Roger's help, they both began to mend fences and learn to love one another dearly.

Clint was jealous of Viki's new found relationship with Megan, but more so with her father Roger. The two often got into jealous fights over Viki. Roger then gave the shocking news that Viki and he had actually gotten married when they were very young. This upset Clint and he insisted that Viki get the still valid marriage quickly annulled, which she did. But even that was not enough for Clint. He gave Viki the ultimatum to either move with him to his ranch in Arizona or their marriage was over. A tearful Viki told Clint she was staying, and a dejected angry Clint left for Arizona.

"Erika is formidable and kind, with a memory like a steel trap.
You feel responsible to rise to her standards.
I know I work harder in scenes with her."
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