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Todd Manning

Written By: Nanci L.

The character of Todd Manning first appear in Llanview in March of 1993, as just one of three frat boys having a few beers at a favorite hangout, Rodi's Tavern. The group consisted of Zach Rosen, who was studying to be a doctor, but enjoyed partying with his friends more, and Powell Lord a cousin to Kevin who were both also attending college and members of the frat house, and Todd Manning who was a football star, but not much of a ladies man on campus. While the three sat drinking beer and telling jokes, Marty Saybrooke, a troubled young woman breezed into Rodi's in a bad state of mind, and began drinking heavily and fooling around with the frat boys, who took her up on her teasing. Todd and Zach urged Powell to get down and dirty with Marty, but he refused.

A very drunk Marty took Todd home with her to her mansion later that night. She talked to him about her very sad childhood as an orphan living alone with her Aunt Kiki who was more interested in her niece's inherited fortune than in her niece. Todd being more interested in sex than talking, got Marty to bed and got what he wanted from her. As soon as he was done, he got up and ready to leave. Marty begged him to stay and talk to her. She just wanted someone to be there to listen, and try to understand how she was feeling. Instead Todd laughed at her, told her she was to drunk and left a tearful Marty alone and very bitter.

Even though Marty hated Todd for what he did to her, she still agreed to help him with his Calculus so he could remain on the football team. When Todd learned that he had still failed the class again and would be cut from football team, he became extremely angry and violent towards Marty blaming her for his failure. He swore to get revenge on her, and he did not have to wait very long to get it.

The Spring Fling Dance was one that most of the college students looked forward to. Marty who had not planned to attend, had gotten into a very bad fight with her new boyfriend, Suede Pruitt. She showed up at the frat house dead drunk and began partying and dancing wildly with all the men at the party. Todd and his friends Zach and Powell started calling her "Marty the Party Girl," and the scene turned quickly into mayhem. Kevin saw what was happening and tried to take Marty home, but she was to drunk to do more than just carry her upstairs to his room, where she could lay down and sleep for a while and sober up. As she was drifting in and out of drunken consciousness, Marty saw Kevin's face hovering over her, but was to drunk to understand his words.

When Todd Manning first skulked into Llanview, he was just another
arrogant fraternity brother at the local university. However, when Todd
led the vicious gang rape of Marty Saybrooke, he transformed from a
contemptuous cad into a heinous criminal right before our eyes. Todd
and his fellow frat boys, Zach, Powell, and the innocent Kevin,
stood trial for that Monstrous act.

Todd had not missed where Kevin had taken Marty and his mind was racing with the possibilities of what he could do with it. He called his buddies Zach and Powell over and told them about his ideas for having “fun” with Marty some more. They followed him upstairs to Kevin's dorm room and let themselves in. Marty barely was aware as the three men came in, but she heard Todd order Powell to lock the door, and when he refused he did it himself. Marty perceived that something was very wrong and tried to escape the room, but Todd grabbed her before she could unlock the door. She fell into a swivel chair and Todd laughing menacingly spun her around and around making her very dizzy from the spinning and the alcohol in her system, to the point of passing out again.

Todd and Powell put her back onto the bed, and with the loud partying going on downstairs, and the thunder from a passing spring storm to drown out any cries for help Todd cruelly raped her. Stuffing a sweatband into her mouth to stop any more screams, Todd allowed Zach to have his way with Marty also. Then Todd and Zach together urged Powell to do the same, but he didn't really want to and refused. Todd and Zach then taunted him and kept chanting the taunts until Powell also joined them in raping Marty. They left her there on the bed crying and semi conscious.

As soon as she could Marty got herself out of there and went straight to the hospital where she met Sheila Price and Luna Moody. She was given rape tests and counseling. The results of the tests came back positive for the semen of Todd and Zach, but not for Powell. This would prove crucial later at the rape trial for the frat boys. Marty pressed charges for rape immediately at the urging of Sheila and Luna, but her accusations shocked everyone. Marty's groggy remembrances of the rape also included seeing Kevin Buchanan's face above her as well as Todd, Zach and Powell, and she included him in her charges of rape.

Kevin denied the charge, and Viki of course believed in her oldest son's innocence, and because of the lack of semen for Powell disclaimed any chance that Powell was involved also. But the charges stood, and the four young defendants all went on trial for the rape of Marty Saybrooke.

It was at this time that Todd's father Peter Manning arrived in Llanview after hearing of the charges leveled at his son. He was furious with Marty for accusing his son, but not because he thought he was innocent, but because of the embarrassment to him personally. Peter Manning hired the very best lawyer he could find, which turned out to be Nora Gannon, the ex-wife of the prosecutor Hank Gannon. The prosecution's trial was fast falling apart as Hank realized that Marty was really not up to testifying about the events of the night of the Spring Fling.

Nora (Hillary Bailey Smith) represented Todd (Roger Howarth, c.)
in court -- and later on, he kidnapped her. Also pictured: Sean
Moynihan (r.) as Powell and Josh Phillip Weinstein as Zach.

Meanwhile Todd out on bail continued to harass and frighten Marty every chance he got, trying to get her to drop her case against them. Nora completely believing in the innocence of her clients proved herself to be the best lawyer money could hire. Nora had all but won the case when it was reveled that Marty had finally realized that she had made a mistake about Kevin being one of her attackers. It was a real blow to the prosecution's case when Marty recanted her accusation against Kevin, making her look completely confused in the juror's eyes. They felt that if she had made a mistake about one, maybe she was mistaken about all. Todd and Zach had claimed that the sex that night was completely consensual. Marty continued to cry “Rape” even with everyone starting to doubt her account of that night.

Powell Lord was the one weak link in Todd and Zach's defense. Powell was feeling the pangs of guilt at the way people were starting to treat Marty because of what they had done to her. Despite all of Todd's and Zach's treats to keep his mouth shut Powell's guilt began to eat him up inside and it showed to more than just Todd and Zach. Marty and Hank tried to play on his quilt, hoping that it would help to prove their case against Todd and Zach. Hank went to Nora about Powell's feelings of guilt and she began to slightly doubt the innocence of her clients as well.

One night outside of Rodi's Todd tried to attack Marty again, but was prevented from another rape because of quick action by Luna Moody who raced to Marty's defense just in time with a steel pipe and smacked Todd across the face causing the scar that we see Todd with today. Later under extreme pressure from Marty and Nora, Powell finally broke down and confessed the truth to them about how Todd, Zach and he had indeed raped Marty that night, but he was not ready to tell it to anyone else.

Nora struggled with what to do now. Her case was ruined, and she went to Judge Fitzwater and begged her to let her drop the case, but a firm Judge Fitzwater refused to let her do so. Nora was totally perplexed as to what she could or should do. She was stuck defending three guilty rapists while a smug Todd's chilling lies on the stand continued to make their case look even better. As the trial was coming to a conclusion and Todd and Zach were all but acquitted of the charges, Nora struggled with what she should do. At closing arguments, Nora made a great case for the prosecution, leaving subtle hints and incriminating insinuations. Nora threw the case and the Judge was forced to declare a mistrial. She barely escaped disbarment charges over it. Marty continued to push Powell to come clean to the public about the truth of that night. He finally tearfully gave in and did so. Todd who was completely outraged at Powell for doing so, attacked and nearly killed Powell. Todd, Zach and Powell were all found guilty and sent to Statesville prison to serve their sentences.

Marty appeared to be getting on with her life, but the effects of that rape would long ripple through the lives of all the people involved for many years to come.

Just before leaving OLTL in a blaze of gunfire,
Patrick (Thorsten Kaye) and Marty (Susan Haskell) wed.

Sentenced to Statesville Prison, Todd was befriended by Rebecca Lewis,
a devout religious disciple who set out to save his soul. When he
escaped from prison, Todd convinced sweet Rebecca to hid him. Alone
with the innocent girl, Todd fell in love for the first time. When he proposed
to her, Todd was enraged to hear that she had already agreed to marry
his fellow frat brother Powell Lord.

The days when Todd shared coffee
with R.J. (Timothy D. Stickney, l.) are long gone.

Taking much of Llanview hostage didn't win Todd
any popularity points. Pictured (from r.): Gina Tognoni as Kelly,
Robert S. Woods as Bo and Kale Browne as Sam

Todd's ex-wife, Blair (Kassie DePaiva),
may have custody of their daughter, Starr,
but Todd could argue that he still does.

With Jessica (Erin Torpey) Todd
never lays all his cards on the table.

Todd returns to Llanview in the Summer of 2000 and pays his sister, Viki a visit after finding out she has breast cancer. Viki, Jessica and Sam are the three people besides his daughter Starr that he truly cares about.

(l.)Todd brings Viki a video of Jessica singing to reassure her that Jess is okay.(r.) Todd tries to comfort Viki when she discovers her hair has begun falling out from the chemotherapy treatments.

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