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OLTL's Viki

Victoria Lord Timeline


  • Viki mourns Joe's death
  • Viki declares Joe legally dead.


  • Marcy Wade impersonates Niki Smith
  • Steve goes on trial for Marcy's death.
  • Joe Riley returns to Llanview.
  • Viki becomes Mrs. Steve Burke.
  • Viki is torn between Joe and Steve.


  • Joe and Viki spend the night together at Mount Jefferson.
  • Viki informs Joe of her decision to remain with Steve.
  • Viki suffers amnesia following a car accident that blocks out the memory of Joe's return.
  • After recovering from amnesia, Viki tells Joe that she will remain with Steve.
  • Joe turns to Cathy Craig.
  • Meredith dies.
  • Viki ultimately determines she wants to spend her life with Joe.


  • Viki and Joe commit to each other despite Steve's unwillingness to let Viki go.
  • Laszlo Braedecker, Viki's godfather, convinces Steve to let Viki go.
  • Cathy Craig discovers she's pregnant with Joe's child.
  • Viki receives her divorce, after which Joe informs her of his decision to stand by Cathy.
  • After Cathy rejects Joe's offer of marriage, Viki accepts his proposal.
  • Joe and Viki marry in Central Park.
  • Viki is unable to conceive Joe's child.


  • Steve delivers Joe and Cathy's child, Megan Riley Craig
  • Steve accepts a job as a foreign correspondent and shares a friendly goodbye with Viki.
  • Dorian's medical license is revoked for her part in the death of one of Larry's patients.
  • Unbeknownst to Dorian, Viki is the lone board member who votes to reinstate Dorian's position at the hospital. Dorian vows revenge against Viki.
  • Dorian moves to Llanfair to care for Victor.


  • Larry tells Viki that Megan suffers from a congenital heart defect passed on by Joe.
  • Mark Toland convinces Viki to keep the secret.
  • Megan dies in a car accident which leaves Viki with a fractured pelvis.
  • Victor and Dorian elope.
  • Viki walks without a cane at Llanfair.


  • Viki and Joe conceive a baby.
  • Cathy becomes obsessed with Viki when she discovers she cannot bear more children.
  • Victor suffers debilitating strokes which ultimately result in his death.
  • Dorian attempts to steal Joe from Viki by telling Joe of the congenital heart defect he potentially passes to his offspring.
  • Viki goes into premature labor, following an intense argument with Joe, and gives birth to Kevin Lord Riley.
  • Cathy kidnaps Kevin.


  • Joe and Viki separate during the kidnapping ordeal.
  • Kevin is returned and Viki and Joe reunite.
  • Joe undergoes an operation which reveals a benign tumor.


  • Viki agrees to take care of Tina Clayton, who befriends Marco Dane.
  • Marco blackmails Viki with false pornographic pictures of Tina.
  • Viki is incriminated in Marco's murder by indications that Niki Smith is back as the killer.


  • Viki is exonerated after Karen is savagely cross-examined by Herb Callison.
  • Viki becomes pregnant. After Joe's brain tumor recurs, he brings Clint Buchanan to Llanview as his successor at The Banner.
  • Joe dies at home.



  • Joey Riley is born.
  • Ted Clayton, who desperately tries to make Viki fall in love with him, ultimately drugs her. He is eventually killed.
  • 1981


  • Viki and Clint become business rivals.
  • Viki sues Clint over a story.
  • Viki eventually follows her heart where Clint is concerned.


  • Viki goes to jail for refusing to reveal her source in Jenny's and Katrina's baby switching case.
  • Clint proposes to Viki while she is in jail.
  • Clint physically carries Dorian out of Llanfair to evict her from the property.
  • Viki and Clint are married at Llanfair.


  • The Banner and The Chronicle merge. Viki is instrumental in signing David Renaldi as head conductor of the Llanview Symphony Orchestra.
  • Echo DiSavoy and Clint have a brief affair which causes upheaval in the Buchanan household.
  • Echo stages her own murder and Clint is almost convicted of it.
  • Viki forgives Clint for the affair and things go back to normal for the couple.


  • Viki and the boys are held hostage by Mark Pemberton.
  • Tina returns to Llanview upon discovering that Ted Clayton is not her real father.
  • As Tina pressures Viki for information about Irene, Viki suffers head-aches.
  • Viki becomes consumed by the memorial tribute to Victor.


  • The "Secret Room" is revealed.
  • Niki emerges after Tina confronts Viki with proof that Victor is Tina's father.
  • Mitch Lawrence comes to Llanview and invents numerous ways to trigger Niki episodes in order to cause the Lord estate to revert to Tina.
  • Under treatment with Dr. Polk, Viki concedes that Tina is her half-sister.
  • Mitch kills Harry O'Neill, flees, and leaves Tina to go on trial for the murder.
  • Niki emerges on the witness stand and clears Tina, while condemning Mitch.
  • Niki pretends to be Viki for several months.
  • Niki divorces Clint when she becomes concerned that Viki is becoming stronger.
  • Niki confesses to Clint that she is, in fact, Niki and not Viki.
  • Clint launches an all-out campaign to court Niki in hopes of bringing Viki back.


  • Clint endlessly looks for ways to bring Viki back.
  • According to plan, the sight of Clint and Tina prompts Viki to re-emerge permanently.
  • After Viki is evaluated by Dr. Polk and leaves his office with Clint, Dr. Polk is murdered by Tracy James.
  • Clint is convicted of the murder while Viki goes undercover in Mountainview Sanitarium and succeeds in clearing Clint.
  • Viki wins the Lord estate back from Tina.
  • Clint and Viki discover that Viki is pregnant just before she and Clint remarry.
  • Viki and Clint travel to Vienna to help David Renaldi and Jenny.
  • Maria Roberts comes to town as Cord's mother and tries to sabotage Clint and Viki's marriage by bringing Tom Dennison to Llanview.
  • Jessica is born, and is subsequently kidnapped.
  • Maria manipulates Clint into thinking that Viki, as Niki, kidnapped Jessica.
  • Despite Jessica's return, Clint and Viki break up.
  • Viki witnesses a terrible fight between Clint and Tom, the stress of which causes her to experience an eight-year memory loss. Viki cannot remember who Clint is and thinks Tom is Joe Riley.
  • Viki and Clint fight for custody of the children.


  • Viki is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.
  • Viki has an out-of-body experience and goes to heaven.
  • Viki and Clint are reunited after her memory returns.
  • Tina stops Maria from murdering Viki, resulting in Maria's accidental death.
  • Jamie Sanders spots Viki and tries to cremate her. (Erika hates lying in the coffin and being shut in. She wants to get in and out as soon as possible!)
  • Jamie shoots Clint in the head, causing him to go blind.
  • Viki decides to move the family to Arizona for Clint's sake.


  • Clint is thrown from his horse and goes back in time to Buchanan City, 1888, while Viki and the rest of his family mourn his death.
  • Clint and Viki reunite in Buchanan City and play matchmakers to Ginny and Randolph before returning to the future together.
  • Viki discovers she had a baby in high school and that her father had the memory erased by a hypnotist.
  • Michael Grande comes to Llanview to find Eterna.
  • Leo Cromwell convinces Viki that he fathered her baby when she was Niki. Their "daughter" is Christine Cromwell.


  • Viki and others are trapped in Eterna.
  • Roger confesses that he and Viki were married and admits that Megan is their daughter.
  • Viki realizes the extent of Victor's interference when the past comes out:
  • When Eterna blew up, Viki split to Niki and gave birth to Megan.
  • Victor had Viki hypnotized to forget about the birth.
  • Victor gave Megan to Roger to raise.
  • Austin Buchanan shoots Viki after holding her hostage in the Crystal Towers.
  • Viki and Clint have marital difficulties due to Roger's presence in their lives.
  • Clint saves Roger's and Viki's lives in a warehouse explosion, after which Clint and Viki begin to reconcile their differences.



  • Viki campaigns for mayor and is elected.
  • Viki and Clint reunite.
  • Viki recovers from a bullet wound during an assassination attempt, but suffers a stroke which leaves her unable to speak and completely paralyzed.
  • Niki takes over and kills Johnny Dee when he breaks into Llanfair to kidnap Tina.
  • Under hypnosis, Niki emerges but won't discuss Johnny's murder.
  • Under pressure from Dorian, Viki resigns as mayor.
  • On a romantic trip to New York City with Clint, Viki takes a few tiny steps.
  • Viki decides to go back to work as mayor.
  • Carlo Hesser vows to get revenge when he learns that Viki/Niki murdered his son.
  • Dorian charges that Niki Smith is the real mayor of Llanview.


  • Carlo drugs Viki into becoming Niki Smith and orders her to shoot Megan in order to avenge his son's death.
  • Viki is able to exert enough control over Niki to prevent the murder.
  • Viki is cleared of Johnny Dee's murder.
  • Viki resigns as mayor
  • Clint confesses to Viki that he is dying after the discovery that the family is convinced he is having an affair.
  • Clint undergoes risky surgery, but comes through and strives for a complete recovery.
  • Megan is diagnosed with lupus.
  • Llanfair burns.


  • In an attempt to save an ailing Megan, Viki donates one of her kidneys.
  • The entire family rallies around Megan, telling her stories about the past.
  • Megan dies.
  • Sloan Carpenter comes to town. Viki's marriage to Clint begins to deteriorate sparked by Clint's homophobia.


  • Viki/Clint/Sloan triangle begins.
  • Viki and Clint separate.
  • Viki supports Kevin when he is accused of raping Marty.
  • Sloan writes Lord of the Banner which hints that Dorian may have killed Victor.


  • Clint divorces Viki when he discovers her affair with Sloan.
  • Viki is determined to avenge Victor's death, and works with Sloan to incriminate Dorian.
  • David Vickers comes to town claiming to be Victor's and Irene's son, and clears Dorian of murder charges by forging the diary.
  • Sloan's illness recurs and he dies at Llanfair.


  • After Viki discovers that David is a fraud, Viki confronts Dorian who tells Viki that Victor sexually abused her as a child.
  • Viki breaks down and Jean Randolph emerges, holding Dorian hostage in a secret room at Llanfair.
  • Viki's alters — Jean, Niki, Tori, Tommy, and Princess work together to "protect" and prevent Viki from discovering the abuse — while the alter, Victor, is an antagonist.
  • Todd Manning is revealed as Victor and Irene's real son.
  • Following a series of significant events (burning Llanfair, sabotaging The Banner, etc.), Viki emerges and ultimately accepts psychiatric treatment.
  • Tori is revealed as Victors' real killer.


  • Viki says goodbye to her alters.
  • Viki and Cord stop publication of Dorian's book.
  • Todd returns to Llanview, where Viki befriends him and tells him that Tori killed Victor.
  • Carlo Hesser holds Viki responsible for killing his son, Johnny Dee, and hires Elliott Durbin to hyphotize Viki into killing Kevin for revenge.
  • Viki is lured to the Waterside Inn, and under post-hypnotic suggestion comes close to killing Kevin. Luckily, Kevin is able to persuade Viki that her love for him is stronger than her anger (and the hypnosis).
  • This has been a dismal and uneventful year for Viki!


  • Viki meets Sloan’s brother, Bishop Carpenter
  • Viki testifies for Todd in the custody trial with Blair.
  • Viki plays pool with Eddie from Angel Square
  • Joey and Viki say goodbye as he goes to Paris (February 14, Nathan Fillion’s last day)
  • Ian Armitage is turned down by Viki on his offer to buy The Banner.
  • Viki and Dorian are stranded in a snow storm together
  • A fashion show is hosted by Viki and Dorian in an effort to get Llanview resident’s bone marrow tested to find a match for Star to save her life.
  • Viki hires Pulitzer Prize winning newspaperman Mel Hayes and gives him to Clint to deal with
  • Viki is caught in the middle between Andrew and Kevin as Cassie divorces Andrew due to her feelings for Kevin
  • Dorian is jealous of Viki and Mel’s friendship
  • The women of Llanview have fantasies – Viki’s involves Clint
  • Clint invites Viki to ranch. She refuses
  • Viki helps with Andy and Anotonio’s wedding
  • Viki becomes embarrassed in front of Clint while watching sex therapist, M. Maude Boyland interviewed by Joy Behr. Viki does buy her book, “Sex and the Mature Woman”
  • Viki throws tomato at Clint while arguing about his anger over Sloan – he won’t express his anger and she tries to get him to
  • Viki and Clint have a shouting match in the City Room of The Banner in front of all the staff
  • Viki meets Mel’s mother, Dr. M. Maude Boyland
  • Viki goes to charity function with Dr. Dougherty instead of Clint. Clint asks Dr. Doughtery a favor to slip out on Viki during the function
  • Viki and Clint go out on a date to Club Indigo where at the end of another vocal argument, Clint kisses Viki in front of all. They later go to the mountain cabin where Viki freezes when trying to get intimate with Clint. She explains that since learning of her father’s abuse, she is numb inside.
  • Joey returns to Llanview
  • Viki goes to Dr. Maude for sex therapy. Jessica views Viki’s homework by accident – a sex tape.
  • Viki and Clint kiss under the mistletoe


  • Viki bails a drunk Mel out of jail. While helping him sober up at Llanfair, Mel falls asleep in Viki’s bed. Dorian freaks out when she learns where Mel is
  • Clint asks Viki to go to the ranch again. She declines.
  • Viki and Clint bond as they deal with Kevin’s burn injuries while he was in Ohio helping Cassie
  • Viki, Renee, and Dorian have a “tea” party at Dorian’s not knowing that Dorian’s assistant has spiked the “tea”. Viki makes it home only to wake up in bed with a fully dressed Clint
  • Viki goes out on a date with Sam Rappaport and runs into a jealous Clint
  • Viki agrees to a date with Clint. They go to Asa’s lodge for poker night with the guys
  • Viki and Clint dates ends up in her bedroom where the intimacy is interrupted by Jessica. Clint sleeps on the floor in the dressing room while Jess sleeps with her mother
  • Dorian goes to “Hell” where she dreams that Viki is marrying Mel and replacing Dorian’s big picture with one of Viki at Dorian’s house
  • Viki goes to lodge looking for Clint but finds lodge trashed, Bo in the shower and blood on the carpet. Georgie Phillips is found murdered and Viki wonders about Bo’s innocence
  • Viki spends time with an ill David Rinaldi (Michael Zazlow’s ALS is addressed in the storyline)
  • Viki throws a graduation party for a neglected Jessica
  • Todd takes Kevin and Viki hostage by knifepoint up to the lodge where he gathers all of the murder suspects. Asa has a heart attack, Rachel confesses. (night time special happens around this time)
  • After Asa’s brush with death, Clint proposes and Viki declines – taking off for an impromptu cruise to think
  • Viki returns ready to marry Clint only to discover that he spontaneously married Lindsay Rappaport.
  • Dorian consoles Viki
  • Viki talks Todd off the hospital roof where he was going to jump. Viki thinks Todd may have DID
  • Viki learns Jessica is pregnant – all think it is Cristian’s child.
  • Viki tells Todd she has no more love for him when she discovers he has faked the DID. Todd is crushed
  • Viki says goodbye to Todd at Joe Riley’s grave.
  • Family and friends bring Thanksgiving dinner to Llanfair as Viki worries about Jessica who has run off to elope with Cristian
  • Clint, Viki and Carlotta learn that the baby is Will’s not Cristian’s
  • Viki says goodbye to Clint who divorces Lindsay and goes to London


  • Viki and Mel prepare to go to Florida for a publishing conference. Viki deplanes at the last second and learns later that the plane has crashed, killing all aboard.
  • Viki begins to question her life.
  • Viki has dream about Crossroads and Mel
  • Viki meets Ben
  • During snowstorm Ben convinces Viki to sing Karaoke (“I Will Survive”)
  • Viki and Ben have first kiss at Crossroads
  • To spare Viki, Ben lies and breaks up with her
  • Viki skips speech and goes to Crossroads where Ben is shot
  • Viki brings Ben back to Llanfair to attic.
  • Viki removes bullet
  • Ben, posing as a carpenter, meets Jess, Will and Sam
  • Viki makes Ben dinner
  • Ben leaves but Viki finds him in the rain
  • Viki and Ben make love for the first time in the attic
  • Hugo Monroe kidnaps Viki and puts her in Dorian’s basement
  • Viki and Dorian rescued from cellar by Ben ad Kevin
  • Viki ditches Asa and Renee’s wedding
  • Jessica hit by car
  • Baby Megan dies and is baptized
  • Dorian is fingered as the hit and run driver
  • Skye Chandler appears at Banner with resume
  • Skye announces she is Ben’s wife at Banner party
  • Ben finds Viki at Crossroads and asks her to marry him
  • Viki turns down proposal

The Milenium +


  • Viki is told there is a problem with her mammogram
  • Dr. Daniels says lump could be cancer
  • Viki is told the lump is malignant
  • Viki tells Jess and Joey about the cancer
  • All day “Viki Show” as she prepares to go to the hospital (March 29)
  • Viki has a mastectomy
  • Viki goes to Cherryvale for first chemo session
  • Ben discovers Viki has cancer
  • Confession – Viki tells Ben about the cancer and he tells her he is Asa and Renee’s son
  • Ben asks Viki to marry him
  • Viki and Ben make love for the first time after her mastectomy
  • Viki goes into shock during chemo and Ben saves her
  • Viki is upset when hair begins to fall out. Todd tries to console her.
  • Viki removes wig for Asa, showing bald head, and reveals she has cancer.
  • Viki and Ben get a scare when her blood tests are irregular but there was an error in the tests.
  • Betty Rolling (real life cancer survivor) appears with Viki to discuss breast cancer
  • Trick or Treat Halloween show – Viki and Ben end up being kidnapped for Bridal shower and Bachelor party
  • Viki and Ben marry (November 13)
  • Reception – Ben is shot
  • Viki and Ben try to escape mob on motorcycle and in seedy motels


  • Viki and Ben celebrating at Crossroads when Ben is kidnapped
  • Ben tells Viki about Gina
  • Gina gets Viki to go away with her by threatening Jessica
  • Gina holds Viki hostage in the basement
  • Viki pretends to be Niki and Tommy to confuse Gina
  • Viki and Gina struggle at the cliff and Gina falls
  • Niki starts to appear to Viki which unnerves her
  • Natalie claims to be Viki’s daughter
  • Allison Perkins tells Viki that when Allison kidnapped Jessica as a baby, she switched the babies, Natalie and Jessica, Jessica is not her biological daughter
  • Larry says test show Natalie is Viki’s daughter.


  • Niki taunts Viki in Viki’s dreams – alludes that she has a secret that would shatter Viki
  • Viki trys to deal with Niki by herself – not telling family or Ben.
  • In a private session, at Viki’s suggestion, Rae hypnotizes her to bring out Niki and to reveal Niki’s secret
  • Niki remains in control unbeknown to anyone and starts impersonating Viki
  • Niki tries to resist her attraction to Ben
  • Unable to talk herself out of a tight situation, Niki sleeps with Ben at The Palace hotel.
  • In order to keep freedom, Niki plots to kill Ben
  • Niki pushes Ben out of their bedroom window at Llanfair
  • Allison kidnaps Niki and takes her and Lindsay to cabin
  • Ben is shot when Bo and police try to rescue the women – Viki comes back
  • Ben slips into a coma
  • Viki says goodbye to Ben as he is sent to a clinic in Switzerland
  • Bo says results of DNA prove that both Jessica and Natalie are Viki’s daughters
  • Mitch Lawrence returns to Llanview
  • Viki comes face to face with Mitch Lawrence who claims to be Jessica’s father
  • Tests show that Mitch is Jessica’s father


  • Jessica leaves for London to spend time with Clint and to find herself. Emotional scenes between Viki and Jessica at airport (Jan 15 Erin Torpey’s last day)
  • Joey returns to Llanview as a curate
  • Evidence is discovered that Victor may be alive
  • Mitch kidnaps Natalie through a deal struck with Victor.
  • Jessica returns to Llanview and she and Viki find Victor and thwart a plot to give Natalie’s heart to Victor
  • Victor suffers a major stroke and dies before Viki can confront him with the things he did to her as a child.
  • Mitch produces a new will where Victor leaves everything to Mitch
  • Judge rules in favor of Mitch and Viki and Todd lose everything
  • Viki and family pack up and move out of Llanfair. After a short stay at Asa’s, Natalie uses the remaining trust fund to lease a cottage for Viki and Jessica.
  • Mitch bribes Viki into staying as editor – in – chief of the Banner to spare the employees from being fired.
  • Dorian returns to Llanview
  • Mitch moves into Llanfair, holds party where he marries Dorian. Dorian moves into Llanfair.
  • Mitch is blinded, Jessica moves into Llanfair
  • Mitch falls off bridge, Dorian, Blair, Lindsay and Jessica keep a pact to never reveal how Mitch died
  • Mitch’s brother, Walker, saves Mitch. Mitch’s sight returns and he starts going after those who have betrayed him

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