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Steve Burke

After years of turmoil in which Viki Lord was torn between her duty to her father and her love for headstrong Joe Riley, Viki finally chose her heart and married her love. Shortly afterwards, however, Joe was presumed dead in a car crash and in her grief, Viki poured herself into her work at her father's paper, THE BANNER.

It was there that Viki met conservative, stable newspaper executive Steve Burke.

Their constant bickering and fighting only hid what Viki feared all along - that she was falling in love with him.

Finally knocking down her defenses, Steve convinced Viki of his love for her and they were married.

Little did Steve and Viki know that Joe Riley was not dead after all. Suffering from amnesia, Joe had no idea that his wife was now Mrs. Steve Burke until he collapsed from an aneurysm and had an operation. Torn between the two men, Viki elected to remain with Steve, feeling he needed her more than Joe. Besides, her father approved of Steve and had never like Joe. But seeing Joe at the paper everyday didn't help her marriage any, and had an unnerving effect on Steve. After much soul-searching, Viki finally realized that it was Joe she wanted to be with, and asked Steve for a divorce. He left town shortly afterwards.

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