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Joseph Francis Riley, Jr. (Buchanan)

Written by: Lori L.

Maybe it was the fact that he'd never known his father, or maybe it was the fact that Joey was simply a very sensitive child but he held a special place in his mother's heart. The two spent much time together when as a young child, he suffered from asthma. When his widowed mother remarried, Joey and his brother Kevin were adopted by their stepfather, Clint Buchanan.


Teenaged Joey found himself in the midst of controversy when his friend, Billy Douglas, opened up that he was gay. Joey and Reverend Andrew Carpenter became confidants to Billy and helped him through his time of turmoil. This caused problems for Joey at home. As Clint battled his own demons and homophobia, his angry outbursts put a strain on his relationship with his son and his already troubled marriage. Viki stood by her son and was proud of him for standing up for his friend.


After returning home from studying in Italy, Joey took a summer job as a handyman for Dorian. Dorian found the perfect way to get revenge on her arch-rival Viki ... she'd seduce her son. Though, what Dorian never counted on was falling in love with Joey. Viki turned the tables, though. When suffering her final battle with DID, one of Viki's alters kidnapped Dorian, forcing her to break up with "her Joe" and marry con-man, David Vickers. Joey was heartbroken over Dorian's change of heart. But he soon found himself attracted to schoolmate Kelly Cramer, Dorian's neice! Kelly tried subtle games and manipulations to win Joey's heart, but he refused to be used again. However, he soon realized his feelings for Kelly were real and he rescued her from a fire aboard Dorian's yacht, where she'd been being held by David Vickers. Joey and Kelly left for Paris, where they embarked on a passionate affair. They returned to Llanview and moved in together. After a while, photographer Joey decided to move to Paris. When Kelly, under Dorian's influence, decided not to join him, he broke up with her by mail.


Joey returned from Paris determined to win back Kelly's heart. Kelly was in a new and exciting relationship with the wealthy Ian Armitage. Eventually, Ian persuaded Kelly to marry him, but before they could be wed, he was killed in a plane crash. Kelly later fell in love with and became engaged to Joey's cousin, Drew Buchanan. When Drew was killed in the line of duty, Kelly swore off love and romance. She embarked on a no strings relationship with Max Holden. Knowing she was in love with Joey, but still fearing love, Kelly agreed to marry Max. She left him at the altar when she realized she didn't want to be without Joey. Joey was devastated that Kelly was marrying Max, and spend her wedding night getting drunk at Crossroads, where he slept with Sophia Pelligrino. Sophia had set her sights on Joey after meeting Viki in the bar, where she came to see Ben. The following day, after searching for him all night, Kelly found Joey and told him that she couldn't marry Max because she loved him.


Sensitive Joey was hit hard by the news that his mother had cancer. He decided it was time to hold on to the important things in life and asked Kelly to marry him, right away. Kelly, who had been growing closer to Kevin since the death of his fiancee, her best friend Grace, sought refuge from her feelings and agreed to marry him. On the eve of Viki's mastectomy, Joey and Kelly eloped. Joey was completely in the dark about the attraction between his brother and his wife until a guilt-ridden Kelly confessed her feelings to her husband.

Joey sought solace from this betrayal and found it in his mother's recovery. No matter where Joey ends up in his romantic life, his relationship with his mother remains. The bond they share has given him strength and taught him the power of love.


While spending time in Europe, Joey came to a point in his life where he was searching for a higher calling. He felt led to enter the divinty school. In his final year, his step-brother, Andrew Carpenter, arranged for Joey to return to Llanview for an internship of sorts. He is now a Curate at St. James.

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