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October 1971

Founded by:
Walter Miller, Jr.

Erika Slezak Fan Club

The Erika Slezak Fan Club

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Paley Center Event Pictures

Erika interviewed in The Advocate

Write to Erika

Erika Slezak
c/o Walter Miller
PO Box 502
Milton MA 02186-1644

Studio Address:
The Connecticut Film Center
One Life to Live
300 Stillwater Ave
Stamford, 06902


Email List: Remember to sign up again for the email list. The email list is used to inform members of potential appearances and news that happens in between the regular newsletters.

Library: We're still collecting items for the Library. Email us or write to Walter. If your source is a magazine, kindly provide the magazine's title and author. This is a voluntary effort, and the ESFC reserves the right to accept and edit content. Help us make the website library as complete as possible!

Fun Facts: Fan Club Gatherings Past List of all of the gatherings held by the Fan Club since 1972.

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