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Megan Gordon


Written By: Lori L.

After a stunning discovery that as a teenager she had married Roger Gordon, she was further stunned to learn that they had had a child together. She soon realized that she already knew Roger's two daughters and that one of them was her daughter as well. Sarah had come to town as a firm, but kind and gentle therapist who helped Clint deal with a temporary blindness. Sarah fell in love with Clint's brother, Bo and Viki had a soft place in her heart for the young woman. Could it be her? Sarah's sister, spoiled soap star Megan came to town with her show, Fraternity Row. Megan had a huge ego, and she and Viki clashed from the moment they met. Could it be her?

Viki discovered that her father had hired Roger's father to help him build Eterna, the perfect utopian society. Eterna was an underground city deep inside Llantano Mountain. Together, along with Michael Grande and Leo Cromwell, they searched for Eterna. Alone in Eterna, Roger confessed to Viki how they met as teens and that they had made love. One day, the entrance to Eterna exploded. Viki, seeing this and believing Roger had died, once again turned into Niki Smith. Niki gave birth to Roger's daughter and Victor hypnotized his daughter to forget both Roger and the child. Victor then paid Roger to leave town with the baby. Viki had found her daughter, but was shocked to realize that this young woman that she'd had such an adversarial relationship with, Megan, was her daughter.

Viki and Megan soon worked out their differences and developed a strong relationship, one of love and respect.

After, Viki watched in horror as Megan was asked to assume a dual role on Fraternity Row. She would play her regular character, the straitlaced "Roxanne" and Roxanne's very wild twin sister, "Ruby Bright." Viki immediately saw that there were parallels to Ruby and Niki Smith and she was frightened for her daughter. But Megan rose to the challenge, even winning an Outstanding Actress award for the role.

After a brief fling with Max Holden, Megan found her true love, Jake Harrision. After freeing himself from a loveless marriage to Carlo Hesser's daughter Charlotte, Jake and Megan were finally married. They had a beautiful ceremony at St. James, where they planted a tree as a symbol of their union, on the lawn.

Megan Gordon accepting her "Daisy Award" for Best Actress

Megan, the celebrity, and the very independent Jake had their share of trouble as Jake fought to be the financial support for their family. Jake took a high paying job that took him far away from Llanview. Throughout their troubles, Megan leaned on her mother.

Megan and Jake had a storybook romance, and most stories end in tragedy. Soon, it was discovered that Megan had contracted Lupus. Megan was determined not to let the disease take control of her life. Jake was on the other side of the world, and Megan was depressed at the thought of the debilitating disease she was facing. Megan was hospitalized with kidney failure and found herself befriending fellow lupus patient, Marty Saybrooke. Marty's condition was different from Megan's, though serious it was controllable. Megan's only chance for survival was now a kidney transplant, and Viki decided to donate one of hers. The transplant didn't take and Larry informed Viki that her daughter was dying. Viki was determined to keep her daughter alive, at least until Jake could be located and brought home. While her family sat by her bedside and gave her hope with stories of their lives and loves, Andrew went to Jaba City to find Megan's husband. Andrew himself loved Megan, but he set aside his own feelings, knowing that Jake was the one thing Megan needed.

Megan knew that the end was near and asked her mother to tell her about Jake, she wanted to die hearing his name. Viki held her daughters hand and began to comply to her wishes as the door to Megan's hospital room opened.

Jake took his mother-in-law's place at Megan's side and they spent her last hours together. Jake only left Megan's side to allow his wife and Andrew to share a tearful good-bye. Jake, sensing that Megan wasn't going to hang on much longer, scooped his wife up in his arms and took her to the window. She looked out and saw the snow falling on the paper valentines hanging on their wedding tree, which Jake had transplanted so she could see it. Megan's heart was filled with love and a smile spread across her face as she succumbed to the ravages of her illness and died in Jake's arms.

Viki had less time with her eldest daughter than she's had with her other children, but they had true bond of love. Megan continues to be a very real part of Viki's life.

Soap Opera Weekly's 100 Most Memorable Moments, September 30, 1997
#84-Megan's Death

Head Writer Michael Malone knew why it would work – why, indeed, it was one of OLTL's great moment. “There is no more poignant story,” he said a year after the episode aired, “than the death of a young woman.” It has been every thus, from Juliet and Madames Bovary and Butterfly; right down to La Dame aux Camellia. Megan Gordon Harrison's death was foretold even before Malone began writing the show. “It was the first thing that I ever talked to Linda Gottlieb, OLTL's Executive Producer about.” Jessica Tuck was determined to leave the show, so Gottlieb and Malone planned the grandest send-off of them all. Although Tuck, herself, would have preferred AIDS, lupus was chosen as Megan's illness, as it provided, in Malone's words, “many psychological symptoms that give play for drama.” Megan went into the hospital for a kidney transplant (Viki was the donor), but her body rejected the organ. To keep her from slipping into a coma, friends and family gathered at her bedside, recalling good times and bad from their – and the show's – history. Ultimately, of course, all efforts failed, and on February 7, Megan slipped from this vale of tears, cradled in the arms of her husband, Jake. “Oh, I cried my eyes out,” Malone later said. “I cried reading the scripts, I cried at the screening. Jessica Tuck did an extraordinary job.”

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