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Davidson Wedding

Ben To Viki:
Blondie, I thought I knew about life and love, but I didn't know a thing until I met you. You taught me what life was really about and you showed me what love really is. All our friends and family are here with us today, and they know you and they love you but they don't know like I know you! The way your face brightens up when you laugh at one of my bad jokes. The way you talk to your plants when you think that no one else in the room. The places where you are ticklish…I mean really ticklish. The strength that comes into your eyes when you face a fear that no one should have to face, and you face it head on, and you beat it. I love that about you. I love everything about you. You make me feel incredibly lucky to be alive, and I plan on staying that way for a long long time, because I've got you in my life. I love you with my whole heart and my whole soul and I will forever.

Viki To Ben:
I was at the crossroads in my life and I felt lost and alone, and I walked into a roadhouse…(pauses…smiles) noooo…it was a bar really. I walked into a bar and my whole world changed, because there you were, the bartender and then suddenly I didn't feel lost anymore. And you opened your heart to me, and that was the most precious gift you could give me, because you let me see the man that you really are, and you are a very special man. I walked into a bar and I met a man who never gave up. And I thank God for that, because when I felt most alone and most afraid you wouldn't let me be alone. And you gave me the strength to defeat my fear, to defeat death itself. And you made me realize all over again that that life is to be cherished and savored and lived, every single minute of every day. I want to live every one of those minutes with you. And I want to give you all the peace and the joy and happiness that you have given me. I love you with all my heart and all my soul and I will till my last breath, and beyond forever and ever.

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