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Tina Clayton Lord Roberts


Written by: Lori L.

Viki's childhood best friend, Irene Manning Clayton returned to Llanview and informed Viki that she was dying. She asked Viki to look after her teenaged daughter, Tina. Shortly after her mother's death, Hurricane Tina blew into town ... and Viki's life hasn't been the same since!

Shortly after Tina's arrival, Viki discovered that her friend, and Larry's new wife, Karen Wolek, had become a prostitute. Viki tried to help Karen out of "the life" and threatened to ruin her pimp, Marco Dane, if he didn't leave Karen alone. Marco vowed to get back at Viki, and he devised a plan to use Tina to do it. He opened a modeling agency and planned to take modeling shots of Tina, and then superimpose Tina's face onto someone else's body in pornographic photographs.

Viki went to pay Marco off in return for the photos of "Tina," and instead, she found Marco's body. Viki went on trial for Marco's murder, and it became Llanview's most notorious murder trial to date. Viki was exonerated, but not before Karen broke down on the stand and revealed her not so distant past and how it was because of defending her that Viki had been involved with Marco in the first place.

Later, after the death of her beloved husband Joe Riley, Viki found herself vulnerable to the attentions of Tina's "father," Ted Clayton. Ted had come to town in the guise of reconciling with his daughter. But the truth was that he wasn't Ted Clayton at all, and his real goal was to get hold of Viki's fortune. Once again, the plan was to use Tina to get to Viki. Tina was kidnapped, and "Ted" was behind it all. He would get not only the ransom, but Viki's trust as well. Once Tina was returned home, Ted proposed to Viki. Eventually, Ted was revealed to be a fraud, sent to jail, and Viki fell for fellow newspaperman, Clint Buchanan. Ted escaped from jail, and went after Tina. Hot on his trail, police Cpt. Ed Hall shot Ted and killed him, right before Tina's eyes. After this traumatic turn of events, Tina left Llanview to start a new life.


Tina returned to Llanview, and was searching for her real father. She found not only Victor Lord's secret room, but a letter from Victor to Viki revealing that he was the father of Irene Manning's child. Tina struggled with whether or not she should reveal the contents of the letter to Viki. When she finally did, Viki angrily insisted it was a forgery. She even thought that Tina could have faked the letter herself. The realization that her father seduced her teenaged friend, and that Tina was actually her sister proved to be too much for Viki to handle and Niki Smith reemerged. While Viki was "gone," Tina went after Clint. She even went so far as to climb in bed with him when a drunken Clint passed out and later claimed to be pregnant with his child. Eventually, Viki came to accept that the troubled young woman she loved like a daughter was truly her sister.

Tina's machinations continued after Viki recovered and Viki and Clint were reunited. While they were out of the country, Tina discovered a letter for Clint from a woman in Texas named Maria Vasquez Roberts. She went to El Paso to investigate and soon fell for the woman's son, Cordero. Cord wasn't the "meal ticket" that Tina was looking for, so she left him behind in Texas, looking for greener pastures back in Pennsylvania. Cord followed her to Llanview and landed a job as a photographer at The Banner. It was later revealed that Cord was Clint's son. Cord and Tina married (three times) and Tina eventually gave birth to two children, Clint James (CJ) and Sarah.

Cord and Tina have an on again/off again relationship. They will always love each other, but Tina's wild streak was always too much for the level headed Cord. In between marriages to Cord, Tina was involved in some disastrous relationships including ones with "faux Bo" Patrick London, crime boss Carlo Hesser's son Johnny Dee, and con man Cain Rogan, with whom she left town.


Yet another con man entered Tina's and Viki's lives, this time in the form of David Vickers. David came to town claiming to be Irene Manning's son with Victor Lord, heir to the Lord fortune. David first became involved with Dorian but quickly found himself drawn to his "sister," Tina, who had recently returned to Llanview after ending her relationship with Cain Rogan. Tina couldn't fight her attraction to her "brother," and they ended up having sex. David confessed to Tina that he was not her brother. She eventually forgave his deceit and married him in a quickie Vegas ceremony, Elvis impersonator and all. David teamed up with Dorian and discovered that the true Lord heir was none other than the town menace, Todd Manning. David took off to hide out in Spain to keep from going to jail. Dorian broke the news to Viki that not only was Todd her brother, but Tina and David had been plotting to get their hands on the Lord fortune and had eloped. The confrontation between the rivals was heated and Dorian, who had been having an affair with Joey, revealed the fact that Viki had been sexually abused by her father. This lead to the reemergence of not only Niki Smith but five other personalities. One of them, Jean Randolph, kidnapped Dorian. Jean released Dorian but forced her to marry the now jailed David Vickers, thus keeping her away from Joey and him away from Tina.

Viki and Tina eventually accepted Todd as their brother and Tina once again left Llanview. She is currently living in Maryland, where she found the perfect job ... she became a personal shopper.

Through the years Viki's relationship with Tina has evolved in many ways, but one thing remains: where Tina goes, trouble follows ... and Viki is always there to pick up the pieces.

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