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Joseph Francis Riley, Sr.

Written By: Nanci L.

"No Ordinary Joe: Although Victor disapproved of Joe Riley as a suitor for his treasured daughter, Viki's love for the reporter led to true romance, two marriages and the birth of two sons."

Victoria Lord was born into wealth as the daughter of Banner newspaper publisher Victor Lord and his wife Eugenia Randolph Lord. They lived at Llanfair, the sprawling eighteenth century manor house, home of the Lord family. Victor Lord widowed when Victoria and her younger sister Meredith were quite young, was left to raise his two daughters alone. Not having the son he wanted to pass his newspaper empire on to, Victor settled on grooming and training his eldest daughter Viki to eventually take the reigns of the Banner Newspaper.

Victor Lord, guided, molded and nurtured his impressionable young daughter Viki into all that it took to be a good business and newspaper woman, all the while instilling in her a great love for publishing. Always eager to please her demanding father, whom she loved above all else, Viki became outwardly the strong young successful business woman that her father longed for. But inwardly young Viki was not as successful in handling her own personal life and emotions. Trying to live up to the impossibly high standards of the Lord name that her father placed on her, took it's toll on Viki's mental health.

When Victoria Lord met Joe Riley, the tough-as-nails reporter from the wrong side of town, sparks flew. Joe was working as her father's Star reporter at the Banner, and Viki was instantly attracted to him. Joe and Viki clashed quite often as they worked side by side on the Banner newspaper, but Viki was all the while falling in love with Joe, who she knew would not be approved of by her strict father. True to his nature, Victor Lord did everything in his power to separate his daughter from what he considered was someone not good enough for her, but instead a cad.

“This was at the top of the stairs at Llanfair, because the chandelier is there,” recalls Slezak in character. “Dorian had married Papa and was trying to become the mistress of Llanfair. I had been in a coma – I look like I'm still in a coma! I had temporary paralysis, so Dorian had scheduled everything at this party knowing full well I couldn't attend. I thought to myself, 'Damn her,' and I decided to walk down the stairs by myself. Joe [Lee Patterson] was saying to me, 'You can't do this, what if you fall?' I went down the stairs with no crutches, nobody holding my hand, nothing. It was my triumphant moment. Dorian was once again overshadowed, which only pissed her off further. She then proceeded to do more awful things to me.”

Torn between loving the ruggedly handsome, charming Joe, and pressure of pleasing her demanding father Victor, caused Viki's fragile Psyche to spit. In the fall of 1968, Viki developed an alter-ego, the brash and flirtatious Niki Smith, who began appearing nightly at Ernie's, a seedy waterfront bar. The normally reserved quiet Viki unknown to herself would don a flashy wig, apply flamboyant make up and become her flashy alter ego Niki. Vinny Woleck, a local garage mechanic, and Joe Riley's best friend met and fell madly in love with the sexy Niki, and his heart was broken when later he learned that Niki did not really exist.

Upon learning of her alter ego Niki, Viki took steps to seek help. With the support of her friends and family she sought treatment under the care of Dr. Marcus Polk, the Chief of Psychiatry at Llanview Hospital. As Viki felt herself getting better, she went ahead with her plans to marry Joe Riley in June of 1969. Much to the shock and dismay of Joe and their wedding guests, Niki Smith suddenly made an appearance in the middle of the ceremony and fled the church with a thrilled Vinny Wolek. Once away, Vinny pressed Niki to marry him. Niki panicked and fled back into Viki who quickly reappeared. Returning to Dr. Polk's care he helped Viki to recall the moment when her alter ego first emerged. Viki remembered seeing an argument between her parents. A very angry Victor was confronting his wife Eugenia with suspicions that her unborn child was not his. In the issuing struggle, Eugenia lost her balance and fell down the stairs. To the young child Victoria it appeared that her father had pushed her mother down the stairs. Shortly there after Eugenia gave birth to Viki's little sister Meredith and then died. Niki seemed to vanish with this revelation and Joe and Viki were married soon after.

In 1970 Joe Riley was promoted to editor-in-chief of the Banner, and began a series of investigative articles on the drug problem which also involved underground crime, that was happening in Llanview. Knowing that exposing the people behind the drug problem could be dangerous to Joe, Viki worried about his safety. Joe's friend Vinny unwittingly had gotten mixed up in a drug related murder, and Joe set out to prove his good friend Vinny's innocence. While in California investigating, Joe's car went over a cliff and even though his body was not found, Joe Riley was presumed dead.

Steve Burke was brought in by Victor Lord to take over the editorship of the Banner. Victor schemed to throw Steve and Viki together thinking that Steve was more of the kind of man that he had envisioned for his daughter. A devastated Viki after many months finally did seek comfort at the loss of her beloved Joe in Steve when she began returning his feelings. Soon they planned to wed, much to the dismay and shock of Joe's friends and family. After signing the papers declaring Joseph Riley legally dead Viki went ahead with her plans to marry Steve Burke.

Unknown to Viki, she had a rival for her new husband Steve's affection in the form of a jealous secretary named Marcy Wade. Marcy was obsessed with Steve and at failing to win Steve away from Viki set out on a scheme to drive them apart and Viki insane by donning a red wig and pretending to be Niki Smith. However her plan backfired when Viki's concerns at becoming Niki again actually brought she and Steve even closer together. Marcy growing more psychotic planned to kill Vince Wolek and blame Niki Smith. Steve who had caught on to what Marcy was up to confronted Marcy who pulled a gun on him and in the struggle, it went off, killing Marcy. Steve was indicted for Marcy's murder. Lt. Ed Hall of Llanview's police department developed his own theory that Steve and Marcy were having an affair behind Viki's back, and when she planned to blow the whistle on him, Steve killed her. A vagrant had grabbed Marcy's purse during the struggle for the gun and ran with it. Inside was the only incriminating evidence to clear Steve, a note saying that Niki Smith planned to kill Vince Wolek. A mysterious unshaven man had read accounts about the murder and finding the purse and note in the belongings of one of his vagrant friends, he knew he held the key to exonerate Steve Burke of Marcy Wade's murder. This man was Joe Riley.

Joe suffering from a potentially deadly brain aneurysm, found his way into the Llanview diner of Wanda Webb and collapsed. Wanda took pity on the handsome stranger and set out to nurse him back to health, falling in love with Joe while doing so. Thinking that he was going to die, Joe did not want Viki and his family to know he was still alive, but he wanted to get the proof of Steve's innocence of Marcy's murder to someone who could use it. With Wanda's help he sent the purse and note to Dave Siegal, Steve's lawyer. It was what was needed to gain Steve's acquittal.

With Steve cleared at last, the wedding date was set and a very weak Joe hid in the bushes outside of Llanfair and watched as his beloved Viki married Steve Burke and left with him on their honeymoon, then he collapsed. Joe was found and the news of his being alive was greeted with delight by Joe's family. Viki and Steve heard the startling news of Joe's return when they returned from their honeymoon. Viki fainted at the news, then raced to Llanview Hospital to see Joe. The reunion was bittersweet as they lovingly gazed at each other again. Joe took a step towards Viki, and collapsed at her feet. Only a very delicate brain operation saved his life. Seeing his beloved Viki again is what Joe needed to regain his will to live. Now Viki was faced with the agonizing choice of which man would she choose.

Even though Viki was now married to two men, she felt that her duty was with Steve now, all the while admitting that she was in love with both men. That made it all the harder, as Viki was again thrown into contact with Joe, who was once again back at work at the Banner, for Viki to hold to her vows to Steve. While away on an assignment with Joe, their chemistry came back stronger than ever, and Viki and Joe ended up making love. A reunion seemed possible to Joe, but in the morning Viki told him that she still could not leave Steve. Joe and Viki argued and Viki fled in tears, later having an accident that left her comatose for months. Even upon her recovery Viki still returned to Steve, leaving a very dejected Joe to cope on his own. Joe turned to a young writer by the name of Cathy Craig for comfort although still in love with Viki.

It wasn't until the sad tragedy of her sister Meredith's death that finally made Viki realize just how very precious true love can be. Viki asked Steve for a separation, he agreed, and at long last, Joe and Viki could be together.

Viki left for the Caribbean to seek a divorce from Steve, and when she returned, she was shocked to learn that Cathy Craig was carrying Joe’s baby. Joe being an honorable man asked Cathy to be his wife. Cathy refused Joe’s offer of marriage preferring to raise her child on her own. With this hanging over their heads, Viki and Joe had a quiet private wedding ceremony at a small Catholic Church in New York.

As time went by, Cathy Craig gave birth to a baby girl she named Megan. The baby suffered from the same congenital heart defect that her father Joe Riley had. Baby Megan underwent a surgical procedure meant to correct the heart defect, but it was unsuccessful. Joe and Cathy were still not told that the baby would not live past adolescence by Dr Larry Wolek. This was because Viki had pleaded with Larry not to tell Joe as she was afraid that Joe would never allow her to have children with him, fearing the same fate for their own future children. Larry a good friend to both Viki and Joe, and understanding her dilemma, had kept silent.

In 1975 Viki earned the wrath of Dr. Dorian Cramer when the hospital board revoked Dorian's license after an incident of negligence caused the death of a patient. From that moment, Dorian lost all hope of ever practicing medicine again at Llanview Hospital and she blamed Viki, the only board member who had actually voted to retain Dorian!

During this same time Joe started neglecting his relationship with Viki to spend long hours with Cathy and his very sick daughter Megan. Cathy was suffering depression, mood swings and deep anxiety as baby Megan's health continued to worsen. One night while Viki was watching over Megan, the baby had an attack of severe respiratory infection and stopped breathing. While desperately trying to get Megan to the Llanview hospital during a heavy storm, Viki was involved in a tragic car accident, baby Megan was killed and Viki's injuries put her into a deep coma. Joe was devastated at the news of his daughter's death. When Viki awoke from her coma months later, she was overridden with guilt blaming herself for Megan’s death, as was Cathy Craig who never forgave her. Cathy's mental state quickly deteriorated. Cathy, convinced that Megan's death was not an accident, vowed revenge on Viki.

Viki soon learned after coming out of her coma that she was pregnant with Joe’s baby. This should have been happy news was overshadowed by what Viki knew were the risks in having this baby, that the baby could also have the same genetic heart condition as Megan. Viki made the decision to have her baby anyway saying nothing to Joe about the possible risks.

Viki’s father's health began to fail due to heart problems and Dorian Cramer was hired to work as the private physician for him. Viki resented Dorian's presence, but Victor sincerely cared for his new doctor, and very soon after Dorian took up her duties, he shocked everyone by revealing the incredible news that he had made Dorian his wife! Dorian was thrilled that her plan had worked to become the new Lady of Llanfair. She was really much more interested in the Lord fortune than being Victor’s wife. She quickly set about to get Victor to change his will in her favor.

Victoria could not understand how her father
fell victim to Dorian Cramer's "charms".

A mysterious man named Tony Harris showed up in Llanview with his exotic Asian lover, Michiko. Tony had come to Llanview bearing photos of the Lord family, and although it wasn't revealed at first, the handsome young man was Victor's long-lost son! Eventually, Tony and Victor shared an emotional reunion, which only made Dorian resentful. She successfully schemed to turn the two men into bitter enemies. Thanks to Dorian's evil machinations, Victor and Tony were at each other's throats!

The because of the stress of his dealing with Tony, Victor had suffered a stroke that left him unable to speak or change his will back after he discovered Dorian’s treachery. Dorian kept Viki away from her father as much as possible so she could not help him. A second stroke put Victor in the hospital where he died one night after Dorian willingly failed to give him the medicine that he desperately needed to prolong his life. For the next twenty years rumors flew that Dorian had murdered her husband, and no one believed it more than his daughter Victoria Lord Riley.

Llanview was rocked by the shocking news that Dorian rather than Viki had be named as the executor of Victor’s estate in his will. Dorian took great pleasure over this humiliating blow to Viki. Dorian then set her sights on Viki’s beloved husband Joe. Since Dorian’s plans to blackmail Viki with the threat to tell Joe about his genetic condition and it’s meaning for their baby had failed, she decided to “accidentally” tell Joe about it. This revelation left Joe completely devastated just as Dorian had planned. Joe was very angry at Viki for keeping this important fact from him. Their marriage took a very severe blow and Joe walked out. Eventually they reconciled to await the birth of their child, much to Dorian’s dismay.

Viki gave birth to their firstborn son Kevin, and Joe was overjoyed at having a son. All to soon his joy turned into sheer panic as the newborn Kevin was kidnapped from Llanview Hospital. The emotionally unbalanced Cathy Craig fantasizing that the baby was her own baby had taken baby Kevin. It was many horrifying weeks for the new parents Viki and Joe before their son Kevin was found and returned to them after Cathy had been caught and hospitalized.

Erika Talks about Viki Riley:
"I've always liked Viki. She is just what I was like five years ago and she's changed with me. In the past, she wouldn't have lived in the carriage house. Also, now she can wear dungarees instead of Chanel suits. I understand her. Her relationship with her father is just like mine. My father and I have always been close so that's why I was upset that my stage father was dying on the show. I'm lost without him."

Soon after the joyous return of Kevin, Joe started have searing pain in his head. Thinking that he perhaps had a brain tumor he followed Dorian’s advice to keep it secret from Viki so as to not upset her. Dorian’s motive was not to spare Viki distress, but to use it to break up Viki and Joe’s marriage. After drinking heavily one night to help the pain, Joe ended up spending the night at Dorian’s which she made sure that Viki found out. This of course upset Viki greatly, but Viki and Joe’s love for one another was very strong, and they worked through their problems. Joe eventually underwent surgery for the tumor which turned out to be benign.

Viki's childhood friend Irene Clayton returned to Llanview to tell Viki that she was dying. Irene had a beautiful young sixteen year old daughter named Tina. Irene wanted Viki to take care of Tina after she died. Viki reluctantly took on the challenge of raising a teenage girl.

In 1978 Marco Dane came to Llanview. Finding his former lover Karen married to Llanview Hospital’s Larry Woleck, and also having secret afternoon rendezvouses with other men on the side for the expensive gifts they gave her, Marco turn this information into blackmail to get Karen to work for him as a prostitute. Karen afraid that her husband Larry would find out about her prostitution, broke down and told Viki that she was a hooker and being forced by Marco to stay in the life. Viki believed that Karen was sincere in wanting to quit, and confronted Marco Dane and threatened to ruin him if he didn't leave Karen alone. Marco gave in to Viki's threats for the time being, but vowed to somehow get even with her someday. It wasn’t long before he had found the way to get back at Viki, through her new goddaughter, Tina.

Marco opened what he claimed was a modeling agency with himself acting as the photographer. It wasn’t long before he ran across Viki’s beautiful and innocent young goddaughter Tina Clayton. Marco talked her into taking some photos of her, then he superimposed another girl’s naked body to them to make it appear as if Tina had posed in the nude. Marco took these phony pictures to Viki and threatened to release them to the public if she did not pay his blackmail demands.

Not wanting to give in to Marco's blackmailing attempts, but afraid not to, Viki went to his studio to pay him off for the doctored photos, but instead was shocked to find his dead body. Viki found the pornographic photos of Tina and left. She was even more shocked later to learn that she was being indicted for Marco's murder and put on trial. Knowing of Karen's awful secret, Viki pleaded with her to tell Larry the truth. But Karen couldn't bring herself to do it, she could not bear to hurt her husband Larry, and begged Viki to keep her secret.

Viki was put on trial and went through months of agonizing court proceedings. Viki had kept her promise to Karen and not revealed her secret. When Karen was put on the stand and harshly questioned by district attorney Herb Callison, she broke down and revealed all the shocking truth about her secret life as a hooker for Marco Dane. Karen revealed also who the real killer was. It turned out to be one of Karen’s “johns” a man named Talbot Huddleston, who was also being blackmailed by Marco for killing Brian Kendall in an accidental hit and run. Tired of being blackmailed, Talbot killed Marco off.

Joe and Viki were delighted to learn that Viki was expecting their second child, but the happiness was short lived when Joe began suffering from a recurrence of his brain tumor. This time it was not benign, and he only had a few short weeks to live. Joe treated Viki to a wonderful but bittersweet wedding anniversary, then he began setting his affairs in order. With little time left he sent for the editor of a small but prestigious newspaper in Arizona to come and take over as his hand picked successor, as the editor of the Banner Newspaper. That man was Clint Buchanan. Shortly before his illness took him Joe told Viki the truth that he was dying. Joe pleaded with Viki to move on with her life, and he left his beautiful young pregnant wife in the hands of Clint to help her through.

Viki gave birth to Joe’s son shortly after his death. She named him Joey after his dad. With Clint Buchanan’s help, Viki then threw all her energies into saving the Banner from a hostile takeover attempt by her arch-rival, Dorian Lord.

Soap Opera Weekly's 100 Most Memorable Moments, September 30, 1997
#98-Joe Riley Dies

Victoria Lord and Joe Riley were reporters at the Banner, competing with each other for stories, all the while falling in love. They eventually married, and Viki was happier than she had ever been. They overcame many obstacles (including his amnesia and a brain aneurysm, and her multiple personalities), but nothing could be done when Joe learned he was dying of a brain tumor while Viki was pregnant with their second child. With great dignity, Joe settled his affairs – he and Viki were by now at the helm of the paper – which included bringing Clint Buchanan from Arizona to take over for him at the Banner (and planting the seeds for what would later turn into a relationship between Clint and Viki). After Joe died, Viki gave birth to a son, whom she named for his father.

Erika about Lee Patterson: "I learned so much from that man, just by listening to him. And an awful lot about how to conduct yourself in a studio, the kind of decorum that's required here in order to get through day by day. Lee was the one who said to me, 'You check your problems at the door, you come in, you do your work, you pick them up on the way out.' I also learned a lot from him on screen technique, finding your light - not shadowing people - and finding your camera. Lee is very savvy. And as dear as he can be."

St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Manhattan
was the setting for the TV marriage of Joe and Viki.

"Lee was an unbelievable gentleman, sweet and kind as can be,
and very funny," says Erika of the man Viki loved.

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