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Meredith Lord Wolek


History By Lori L.

Eugenia Lord died moments after giving birth to her second daughter, Meredith. Though only five years old, Viki assumed a motherly role with her baby sister which continued throughout their lives.

Viki's sweet younger sister met Dr. Larry Wolek while volunteering at the hospital. She fell instantly in love. Her father felt Wolek was a "golddigger" from the wrong side of the tracks and his sister felt she was a "snob." Both were wrong, and Larry and Meredith, after living through Victor's machinations, were wed. Meredith though very happy, worried about her older sister and encouraged Viki to let loose a little and date. She supported Viki's relationship with fellow Banner reporter, Joe Riley.

Meredith and Larry had a loving marriage, and despite the fact that she had a rare blood disorder, Merrie informed her husband that she wanted to have a baby. Larry worried that pregnancy wasn't a good idea, but with her disease in remission, he gave in and soon twins were on the way. A weakened Meredith spent most of her pregnancy in bed, under medical supervision. It wasn't enough however, when one of the twins was still born. The other, was a healthy boy who they named Dan. With the help of Larry and Dr. Joyce Brothers, Merrie fought the depression that plagued her after losing the baby.

Those who loved her were devastated as the sweet, gentle and loving Meredith was taken from them much to soon. Following a robbery at Llanfair, Merrie and her brother in law, Vince Wolek, were held hostage for several days. Finally, as the police broke in to rescue them, Meredith slipped and fell, hitting her head on the floor causing a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Merrie held on long enough to say good bye to her loved ones, whispering to her beloved sister Viki, to let Larry know how happy he had made her.

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