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Jessica Buchanan


After divorcing Clint during an early battle with DID, a healthy Viki agreed to remarry him. On the morning of their second wedding, Viki stunned Clint with the news that she was pregnant. Clint had adopted both Kevin & Joey, but the couple was thrilled to be having their first child together, a child who, at the time, Clint thought was his only natural child.

Clint's first love, Maria Roberts, came to town with their son Cordero. Wanting Clint to herself, Maria brought Tom Dennison to town. Tom was the spitting image of Viki's first husband, Kevin & Joey's father, Joe Riley, and Maria thought he could drive a wedge between Clint and Viki. Realizing that Tom could be Joe's long lost brother, Viki took him to look at some of Joe's old papers. Moved, and also upset by one of Joe's old love letters, Viki went into labor. Fighting a blinding storm, Tom rushed Viki to the hospital, where Jessica Ann Buchanan was born.

Happiness was short lived as Allison Perkins had been programmed by late cult leader, Mitch Laurence, to kidnap Viki's baby and make it look as if Niki Smith had done it. Maria discovered Allison's scheme and helped it along so that Clint suspected Viki had turned back into Niki and taken their baby. Viki was furious at Clint's lack of faith and once again, they split up. By the time Maria convinced Allison to bring Jessica home, Viki and Clint's second marriage appeared to be over.

Eventually, the Buchanans found their way back to each other. Jessica was the apple of her parents eyes. A bright and precocious child, the beautiful little girl enjoyed a happy childhood. Jessica grew up close to all three of her brothers, and for an all too brief time, she shared a strong bond with her sister, Megan Gordon.

Lighting candles with her then sister in law, LeeAnn on halloween, a young Jessica accidentally burned down Llanfair. Both Jessica and LeeAnn escaped injury in the fire.

Viki saw the first signs of rebellion in her little girl when she divorced Clint and fell in love with General Sloan Carpenter. Jessica wanted no part of Sloan and was determined for her parents to get back together. Eventually, Jessica realized how much Sloan loved her mother, and she him, and she grew to accept and respect his place in Viki's life.


Jessica bonded with Marty Saybrooke, a young woman Viki had befriended. One night, while driving with Jessica and her cousins CJ and Sarah, Marty's car was involved in an accident with the police cruiser taking Todd Manning to Statesville, puting Marty, Jessica and the children in grave danger. Todd, in an uncharacteristic show of heroism, rescued them. Later, when it was revealed that he was her uncle, Jessica and Todd grew close, a very unlikely relationship for Todd.

Now in high school, Jessica met Cristian Vega, a schoolmate from Angels' Square. The two formed a friendship that grew into Jessica's first love.

Dring her final battle with DID, one of Viki's alters, Tori, set fire to Llanfair with Jessica inside! Viki was able to re-emerge long enough to save Jessica, but once again, Viki's family home went up in flames.

Still reveling in the wonder of young love, Jessica made a stand and decided not to sleep with boyfriend, Cristian. She confided her feelings to her mother. Viki and Jessica's relationship has always been a close one. They share a strong and loving bond, uncommon to daytime. Jessica grew up with her mother's trust and respect, as well as her love and guidance, making her a bright, strong, independent young woman.

After seeing the closeness between Cristian and his childhood friend Roseanne Delgado, an upset Jessica turned to her new friend, Will Rappaport. Comiserating over their parents' quickie marriage, (Clint had married Will's mother, Lindsay) the teens got drunk and spent the night together in Asa's lodge. Hurt, mixed with alcohol, lead to Jessica giving up her plan to wait to have sex. She and Will soon discovered they were going to be parents. Jessica struggled with whether or not to give the baby up for adoption. Viki held her peace until Jessica made her own decision. She was thrilled when her daughter chose to keep her baby. During her pregnancy, Jessica grew close to the new man in her mother's life, Ben Davidson. She and Will learned their baby was a girl and decided to name her Megan Victoria. Jessica and Cristian reconciled and decided to marry and raise the baby together.

At their engagement party, thrown by Ben and Viki at Crossroads, Will and Cris came to blows and Jessica ran out. Alone, by the side of the road, Jessica doubled over in pain, she didn't notice the car coming at her. The driver, Dorian, hit Jessica and fled the scene.

Jessica lost the baby and her memory. She no longer remembered Cristian or their engagement. She and Will left town together to work through the grief of losing Megan. Eventually, she remembered Cristian, but she and Will had fallen in love.

Jessica lost the baby and her memory. She no longer remembered Cristian or their engagement. She and Will left town together to work through the grief of losing Megan. Eventually, she remembered Cristian, but she and Will had fallen in love.

She was torn between the two young men. Once again, she turned to her mother, who supported her through going on the run with both boys after Asa falsely accused Will of embezzlement.

Jessica will undoubtedly go through many more adventures in her lifetime. One thing remains certain, she'll always be able to depend on her mother to love and support her and help her make her own way through life.

Soaps In Depth invited Erin Torpey's on-screen folks to reflect on the starlet's 10 years in Llanview. Here is what Erika had to say: "It has been my privilege and pleasure to have been Erin's 'mother' all these years. She was adorable, sweet and naive when she started here, and I'm happy to say she is still that. She never became a show business brat, and that is to her mother and father's credit. I love her like my own, and she knows it."

Pictures over the years

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