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1984 Emmy
1986 Emmy
1992 Emmy
1995 Emmy
1996 Emmy
2005 Emmy

1977 DTV
1989 SOU
2000 SOD
Erika Slezak Awards and Emmys

Emmy 2005

Sixth Emmy

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama

Erika's Acceptance Speech 2005:

"Oh my dear, I am so thrilled and humbled. I want to start by saying I salute the seven other ladies in this category. They are the greatest Dames on earth! (applause)

We all had lunch together yesterday. We spent four and a half hours laughing. I thought they were going to throw us out of the restaurant! We had such a grand time! I love you all so much, thank you!

Oh my goodness! Thank you to ABC, and Brian Frons, and all of the executives there – for letting me keep my job, it’s the best job in the world! Oh my goodness, thank you to everyone at One Life to Live. (applause) Thank you – to our Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, to our writers – our current writer, Dena Higley – a big thank you to Michael Malone and Josh Griffith who wrote the heart transplant story.

Thank you to our Directors, our Producers, everyone there – the crew and the cast. In particular, my Robin Strasser, and my lovely children on the show – Bree Williamson, Melissa Archer, and Dan Gauthier – I would not be up here without you.

And thanks to our hair and makeup – and everybody.

I want to say a special thank you to two people who have been important in my work over the last years – and they are Jill Farren Phelps and Gary Tomlin. I have such admiration for your talent and your intelligence. And I was so pleased and privileged to work for you.

And I thank my family – you are my heart. Brian, Michael and Amanda – I am nothing without you.

Thank you to the Academy and the Blue Ribbon Panel. Thank you!"

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