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Erika Slezak Awards and Emmys

Emmy 1984

First Emmy

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama

In 1984, the Television Academy voted Erika best daytime actress of the year. After 13 years on One Life to Live, her talents were finally rewarded by her peers.

Erika's Acceptance Speech 1984:

"Oh! Ladies and Gentlemen - I am so honored. I really am. I thank you all - all of you. My husband asked me not to make a boring speech, but I'm going to make a little one.

When I joined OLTL fourteen years ago, I had never acted in front of television camera before. And so there are several people that I really want to thank. Oh - who had such faith in me at the beginning and all through the years. In order of appearance I'd like to thank Joan D'Inececco - it started with her. And Doris Quinlan, who hired me. And David Pressman, who sort of taught me all about acting on television. I want to thank Agnes Nixon, who wrote this wonderful (Applause) yes, thank you Aggie - who wrote this very wonderful lady that I get to play.

I would like to express my appreciation to the ladies of ABC who - Jackie Smith and Jose Emerick for their very constant support (Applause). And to Jean Arley, who is one hell of a dame (Applause).

Most important - everyone who works on daytime television knows that this is not an award you can win alone. I want to thank everybody that I work with - the directors, Peter and Larry and George and Allen all of them. And all the other actors - all the various people who have been on that show for so long.

And finally - oh, my heart is pounding - my husband asked me not to thank him, but I'm going to (Erika laughs - Applause, Applause). He is - he is so very important to me, and I want to thank him and my children for making it so easy and pleasant and nice for me to go to work and making it so wonderful for when I come home.

Thank you, thank you so much."

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