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1984 Emmy
1986 Emmy
1992 Emmy
1995 Emmy
1996 Emmy
2005 Emmy

1977 DTV
1989 SOU
2000 SOD
Erika Slezak Awards and Emmys

Emmy 1992

Third Emmy

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama

Erika's Acceptance Speech 1992:

"Thank you so very much. My God, I'm so proud. Thank you to the Academy and the Blue Ribbon Panel and to all of you who gave me your good wishes. I want to thank my Mother and my Father who taught me to love and respect the art of acting. And I want to thank my real family, my husband, Brian and my children, Michael and Amanda who are here with me tonight.

And I am extraordinarily proud to have been with One Life to Live for twenty-one years. I don't really know of another actress who's had that kind of opportunity. Who has had the opportunity to acts as I have for twenty-one years, almost every day. I want to thank all the people who have afforded me that opportunity starting with Agnes Nixon, Joan D'Incecco, and Doris Quinlan, straight through to Paul Rauch and to Linda Gottlieb. I want to thank our writers, headed by Michael Malone, for wonderful work. Our marvelous directors, our whole crew, and everyone at the show. I am truly, truly proud to be associated with them. Thank You!"

Press quote:

"I truly did not expect to win, and I didn't really have a prepared speech, as I'm sure you all saw. I wanted to thank Jessie [fellow nominee Jessica Tuck, who played Megan] because working with her made my work so much easier. She is a glorious, sensitive, wonderful actress, and she did beautfully. It was hard not to be upset. And Susan [Lucci, Erica, AMC] is a wonderful actress. They are all wonderful. It's extraordinary company to be in."

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