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1984 Emmy
1986 Emmy
1992 Emmy
1995 Emmy
1996 Emmy
2005 Emmy

1977 DTV
1989 SOU
2000 SOD
Erika Slezak Awards and Emmys

Emmy 1995

Fourth Emmy

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama

Erika's Acceptance Speech 1995:

"Oh my goodness. I would like first to salute the other nominees. What extraordinary performances, all of them. In order, to be brief, I would like to thank first of all a very classy network ABC all the way down starting with David Westin, Pat Filli-Kushell, Maxine Levinson, our Producer Susan Horgan, Michael Malone and the writers and directors.

I just got a notice to take my time. Is that nice or what? (Laughter)

Our directors are extraordinary. We are all involved in Daytime here and we know what it takes to put a show together and it's a real combined effort and I can't begin to thank everyone enough.

My family - my wonderful family - thank you Brian, Michael and Amanda. And I will be brief...I could go back and name everybody again (laughter). But first I want to name three actors in particular who whom I have shared most of my screen time, certainly in the last few years. Roy Thinnes, Clint Ritchie and my very great pal, the wonderful and fabulous Robin Strasser. Thank you so much."

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