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LAST LICKS: They play enemies on One Life To Livebut in real life, Erika Slezak (Left) and Robin Strasser (Dorian)get along famously. "I've been here many years, and actorslike Robin are few and far between," says Slezak. For her part, Strasser adores the Viki/Dorian rivalry. "Their relationship isn't just plot driven," she explains. "Its character driven." Would she like to share more screen time with Slezak? "I've already asked for it!" Strasser says.

"Erika revved 'em up at Manhattan's Harley Davidson
Cafe during a reception honoring the shows former casting
director, Sonia Nikore, winner of the Artios Award for
Best Casting, Daytime Drama."

Erika with Kim Zimmer formerly Echo DeSavoy (OLTL)
currently Reva Shayne (GL)

Erika with OLTL Director, Bruce Cooperman.

Lee Patterson and Erika with their Fan Club Presidents
Ilene Pachman and Walter Miller.

Fan Club Luncheon from the 70s

Outside the show's Upper West Side studio, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's
Timothy Gibbs (Kevin), Erika Slezak (Viki), and Mark Derwin (Ben)
made the most of a sunny Manhattan afternoon.

Robin Strasser and Erika sign copies of Gary Warners
30th Anniversary OLTL Book at Borders in Manhattan

March 1, 1994 Soap Opera Digest
Some of Erika's castmates were asked to describe her in three words.
Bob Woods - Classy, Talented, Homebody
Roy Thinnes - Sensitive, Munificent, Quixotic
Robin Strasser - Wonderful, Intelligent, No-Nonsense
Pat Elliott - Fearlessly Concentrated, Incredibly Talented, Great Giggler
Hilary B. Smith - Classy, Funny, Intelligent

When asked what she would do if she couldn't act, Erika replied:
"I once thought if I couldn't be an actor, I'd be a private secretary,
because I'm very organized. I told my husband that and he said,
"You'd be a horrible private secretary! You can't type and you don't
do anything anybody tells you to do.' I realized he's right, so I don't
know what I would do."

OLTL's Erika Slezak is all smiles during her
annual fan club luncheon at New York's
Marriott Marquis Hotel. Here, she displays
the official OLTL jacket, a fan favorite.

One Life To Live stars Erika Slezak and Jacquie Courtney
pitched in at the One To One Telethon. Fan clubbers voted
Erika Best Soap Actress.

Erika Slezak's (VIKI) brown-eyed
and curly-haired best friend.

Take Five:
Q: What is the most important lesson you've
taught your children?
A: "The value of truth and not to get yourself into
something you cannot get yourself out of."
Q: Describe your perfect Saturday evening.
A: "An evening with my husband, a fire in the fireplace,
a glass of red wine and a good movie on television."
Q: What do you do to relax?
A: "First I sit down."
Q: What would people be surprised to know about you?
A: "First thing in the morning I put my coat on -- over my robe --
and go outside to walk the dogs."
Q: What three words would your kids use to describe you?
A: "Organized, overly responsible and mommy."

"Erika is the complete professional in this business.
She is great fun, a good friend and a solid performer."

Erika and Michael Storm appeared on this
poster for the Parent Helpline Project in New York.




(On Left) Erika with David Pressman
and Lee Patterson
(On Right) Erika and Erin Torpey at the
1999 One Life to Live Christmas Party

Erika with Thom Christopher at
the opening of his new play.

Erika appears on Rosie O'Donnell's show to
discuss her current breast cancer storyline in 2001.

Erika, Linda Dano, David Canary, and many other soap actors and actresses
were on hand for the Grand Opening of ABC's Soap Opera Bistro in 2001.

Erika and Linda Dano hold court in Llanview
Country Club at the Soap Opera Bistro.

30th Anniversary: Erika on "Live with Regis and Kelly"
Looking back over her 30 Years as "Viki" on OLTL in March, 2001.

On getting older: "When I turned 40 we were in the market
and Michael was at the end of the aisle, looking for cereal or something
and he saw '40' written on the cereal box. And he said, 'Mom, look
it's your birthday, it's your age...40' He yelled it as loud as anything.
What are you going to say? You can't be angry with them. I didn't have
a problem with turning 40 or anything else, because you are what you are,
and you feel how you feel and there's not a lot you can do to change it.
You can just live as well as you can."

Erika participates in the star recording for the victims of 911.

Erika and Mark (Ben) on the set

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