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Childhood Pictures

The Slezak Family...Walter and Johanna,
and their three children Ingrid, Erika and Leo.

The Slezak Family at Leo's Christening

Erika and her sister Ingrid visited
their dad on the set of "The Pirate."
Erika won a kiss from Judy Garland.

A happy family shot of Johanna Slezak with her two daughters.

Here's Erika at her sister's fourth birthday party.

Ingrid and Erika wore matching outfits in this early photo.
The future star was five.

Ingrid, Leo and Erika (Right) with Lou Costello
who was filming "Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion."

Here's Erika in first grade. The Slezak children
were brought up in Hollywood, and in
Westchester suburb of New York.

"Erika is surrounded by her sister Ingrid, mon, her father, and her brother Leo.
This picture was taken in 1954, when Erika was eight, at Grand Central Station.
They were taking publicity photos."

Here Erika (on left) was six, Leo was four and Ingrid was eight.

The Slezak girls did a circus publicity photo -
"We were terrified!" remembers Erika.

At the age of ten, Erika was very attached
to a Persian kitten named Tristan.

The Slezak family with New York Columnist and
host of "Toast of the Town, Ed Sullivan.

Erika's High School Graduation Photo
School Attended: Convent of the Sacred Heart
Eden Hall in Torresdale, Pennsylvania
Best Subjects: English and Literature
Worst Subjects: Math and Science
Favorite Actor: Troy Donahue
Favorite Opera: Die Meistersinger
Extra Curricular: Debating Society, Drama Club, Catholic Action,
CLC (Secret literary Society)
Nickname: Ricci
What I learned that I have never forgotten: "I went to an all girls boarding school.
I didn't learn anything about living, except how to make a bed like nobody's business.

Kidstuff from Episodes Magazine – January/February 1993

Born: August 5

Birthplace: Hollywood, California

Siblings: Ingrid and Leo

Favorite Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Favorite TV Shows: SeaHunt and Million Dollar Movie

Favorite Book: Struwelpeter

Earliest Memory: When my sister and I got to wear matching plaid winter coats.

First Heroes: My parents – I worshipped then

Childhood Traits I Retain: I was happy then and now, bossy then and now, and I plow ahead still, but I think a little more.

High School Memories:

My Most Outrageous Escapade:“It was the time my friend and I managed to con the school nurse and our science teacher into taking us to New York City to see the Mona Lisa. We ended up going to O'Henry's restaurant in Greenwich Village and ordering beer – which was very illegal and very exciting.”

I Remember My Best Friend:“My best friend was Pauline Seitz. She and I used to find excuses whenever we could to use the library in town instead of our own school library, so that we could run over to the little diner nearby and eat hamburgers, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.”

Erika's father Walter Slezak once guest starred on One Life To Live as Viki's Godfather Laslow Braedeker. Unbeknownst to Erika, Mr. Slezak made a small change in the script just before taping. Instead of saying, "You are as beautiful as I remember you," he said, "you are so beautiful you could be my own daughter."
A touched Erika played the rest of the show in tears.

Erika out on the town with her parents.

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