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The Erika Slezak Fan Club in its 42nd year, proudly presents, the official site of....

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2015 Holiday Letter: The 2015 Holiday Letter is available at the link above.

Patricia Elliott: From Erika regarding the death of Patricia Elliott [OLTLs Renee Buchanan], "My dear friend and colleague Patricia Elliott passed away from a very rare cancer on Sunday. Pat was a wonderful, kind, generous soul, with a wicked sense of humor and a great deal of talent. She was a friend, and a woman to whom I always turned when I had questions or needed advice. I will miss her and I wish her peace and quiet now, which is what she always looked for."

Writing Erika: You can write Erika at the PO box listed below.

Erika Slezak
c/o Walter Miller, Jr.
PO Box 502
Milton MA 02186-1644


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