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Several months ago Jeff Giles published a book entitled, "Llanview in the Afternoon - An Oral History of One Life to Live." It is available digitally as well as hard copies that are printed-on-demand. There are things that Ellen Holly said in the book regarding Erika that are completely untrue and so we would like to clear this up so that you can know the truth. On November 7, Erika emailed the author of this book who quickly responded and agreed that he would edit the piece and allow Erika's response and refutation of the lies. So, henceforth, in both the digital and hard copies, Erika will set the record straight, but if you already have either version of the book, please know that the quotes attributed to Erika from Ellen Holly, are absolutely not true.

Erika asked we share her response to Ellen Holly's allegations regarding OLTL's 15th anniversary party at Tavern on the Green:

"Let me begin by saying that never happened. I have never, in my entire life, used such language, nor would I have ever said that; especially about two ladies who I greatly admired and respected. I have no idea why Ellen has chosen to blame me for her being let go from One Life to Live. Not only is that an absolute fabrication on her part; it was never in the power of ANY actor or actress to make such a decision and anyone who has worked on One Life to Live would know that. We were owned and run by ABC; this was their decision alone. Furthermore, I would like to add that Ellen Holly was a wonderful actress, a beautiful woman and an essential and vital character on One Life to Live and there was nothing to be gained by her leaving the show. In fact I felt that her absence was detrimental to the show. Agnes Nixon had put together an amazing, multi-racial cast, which was groundbreaking at the time, and by losing two very important black actors, ABC was robbing the show of its diversity. I am very sorry that she has deluded herself into believing that I was in any way instrumental in her being fired, but more than that, I am appalled that she would accuse me of using racial slurs."

Writing Erika: You can write Erika at the PO box listed below.

Erika Slezak
c/o Walter Miller, Jr.
PO Box 502
Milton MA 02186-1644


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