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2019 Holiday Letter

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The Erika Slezak Fan Club in its 48th year, proudly presents, the official site of....
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September 17 at 2pm EST : Erika informed us she will be participating in a OLTL REUNION FOR AUTISM with Jerry VerDorn and Mark Derwin September 17 @ 2:00 pm EST. Alan Locher of The Locher Room shared with us this convenient link. The Locher Room Hope you can join Erika, Jerry and Mark and support this important cause.

Guest Artist Film:Erika's film debut in which she is featured in the Jeff Daniels film is currently available ON DEMAND and through Redbox. Here is the link to the official trailer Guest Artist

Reviews: The reviews are in from Erika’s performance in GUEST ARTIST, with Jeff Daniels.  You can watch GUEST ARTIST through Redbox On Demand or from streaming services such as Xfinity Comcast.

  “...soap opera veteran Erika Slezak in a great cameo says she somehow managed to find him a paying job, as a theater company in Michigan has signed on to premiere his latest work...” Chicago Sun Times, Richard Roeper, July 20, 2020 

  “...and Erika Slezak (fondly remembered for her 32-year stint on the daytime drama One Life to Live) makes a sharp, if all-too-brief, appearance as Harris’s practical and pragmatic agent, who’s had her fill of his bellyaching, but still evinces genuine affection for him. She’s so good that one almost wishes she’d accompanied him on his trip...”, Mark Burger, July 21, 2020

“...a tidbit we learn from his agent (Erika Slezak, more than 2200 episodes of “One Life to Live”).  The two meet for ‘coffee,’ which is literary code for early drinking...a hobby Harris seems dedicated to during all waking hours... That scene with Mr. Daniels and Ms. Slezak is one of the two best in the film – the other being near the end. The two long-time collaborators wage a war of words – some offensively, others defensively – and the agent gives as good as she receives. When he claims to hate television, and proclaims ‘I’m a playwright,’ she counters with ‘You’re a dinosaur.’ We learn much about the Joseph Harris character in this sequence. While it’s easy to label him a burnout, we sense there is something deeper that has him dreading the trip from New York City to Michigan to fulfill a contractual obligation with a local theater group.”, David Ferguson, July 20, 2020

May 2020: Erika recently did a Zoom chat with Michael Fairman. Thank you Michael and Erika! Please visit the link which Michael has posted on YouTube. Erika interview with Michael

Artist Representation:
Nicolosi &Co.
150 West 25th St
Suite 1200
NYC NY 10001
212 633 1010

Martino Management
Paul Martino
917 370 9734

Writing Erika: You can write Erika at the address listed below.

Erika Slezak
c/o Walter Miller, Jr.
112 Mohican Ln
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087