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2019 Holiday Letter

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Erika Interview: Erika recently did a Zoom chat with Michael Fairman. Thank you Michael and Erika! Please visit the link which Michael has posted on YouTube. Erika interview with Michael

Update From Erika: "ABC and PEOPLE asked me to participate in this project, and did a very long interview – about 2 hours – out of which they will probably use maybe 5 minutes.  I hope you enjoy watching.

Other than that, we are all doing well here in CT, and managing just as best as we can.  We are lucky in that we have a home and food in the cupboard and the fridge and we are staying in.  I haven't been to a store in 60 days.  Michael does all the errands like grocery shopping etc., and fortunately he is very careful and staying healthy.

The weather has, for the most part, been totally miserable. We have had maybe two or three really nice days, and it's been cloudy and rainy all the rest of the time, so there is really no reason to go outside anyway. I’ve been doing lots of reading and cleaning the house and clearing out of cupboards, etc, which keeps us busy.

I hope everyone is well and that we come out of this in one piece."

Erika Trailer: Jeff Daniels independent film "Guest Artist" which also features Erika as his agent, Helen, premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on February 9. Erika received a lovely mention in The Hollywood Reporter. No release date available. Check out the trailer which features Erika. Search by "Guest Artist trailer youtube"

Artist Representation:
Nicolosi &Co.
150 West 25th St
Suite 1200
NYC NY 10001
212 633 1010

Martino Management
Paul Martino
917 370 9734

Writing Erika: You can write Erika at the address listed below.

Erika Slezak
c/o Walter Miller, Jr.
112 Mohican Ln
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087