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May 3, 2022

"For anyone who knew Jerry verDorn, Sunday, May 1st, was a heartbreakingly sad day. He was a man of such warmth and kindness, talent, intelligence and most importantly humor, that every day spent working with him could hardly be called work. It was joy. He so loved what he did and was so very good at it. I was the very lucky recipient of his last 8 years in daytime and I thank God for that. "He made every day one to look forward to. I will always think of him with that lovely, rather impish, smile on his face, and that will stay in my heart forever. I know that he has gone to a peaceful place, with no pain. I send my love and deepest sympathies to Beth and their sons and their families, of whom he was so very proud. They have lost a great man."

Holiday Letter: Erika's 2021 Holiday Letter is available at the link above.

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