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2022 Holiday Letter

August 2022 Interview

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Holiday Letter: The 2022 Holiday Letter can be found at the link above

Linda Dano Podcast: Erika was recently on a podcast guest on "IN with Linda Dano". Both Linda and Erika are long-time friends. The two share a fun and light chat, and some things Erika talks about for the first time. Like Clint Ritchie and Rudolph Nureyev being friends! Enjoy!

Linda Dano Podcast

Andrea Evans Tribute: Erika particated in a One Life to Live Tribute to Andrea Evans, along with Bob Woods (Bo), John Loprieno (Cord) Fiona Hutchinson (Gabrielle) and OLTL writer Ron Carlivati.

One Life to Live Tribute to Andrea Evans on the Michael Fairman Channel

Andrea Evans: July 10, from Erika on the passing of Andrea Evans (Tina Lord) who passed away Sunday, July 9 from cancer.

"I am absolutely shocked and devastated by this news and I send love and deepest sympathies to Steve and Kylie - they were her whole life. Andrea and I worked together for so long - on her first day at work, she was living one block away from me and I walked her to work. She was just a child - never been to NYC - so sweet and kind and loving - amazing that she played such a complicated, confused and selfish character so well. When she and Steve got married and then got Kylie, it seemed her life was finally complete. She was so happy. So very very sad.


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